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Thread: collecting Joey Gathright

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    collecting Joey Gathright

    i need any cards of Joey Gathright.just lmk what you have/need in return and we can try to work something out.i would really like to get an auto of his.also i am only trading not buying.


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    I got a Bowman's Best RC

    like your Gagne game used???

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    ok i could use you have any lower end GU that you could add in w/the gathright for the gagne?

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    i got this:
    2005 Diamond Kings- Joey Gathright Auto 059/100 ($10)

    I still have that Vlad GU you wanted to. LMK

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    ok check my bucket.i need the gathright more than the vlad but maybe we can work something out for both.

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    Well the only things I still can use from this "era" are your Gagne and Garvey, but I do like these Vintage:
    59 Cepeda $20
    62 Mathews $40
    65 Banks $80
    58 Spahn AS $25
    58 Ashburn $40
    65 Morgan $60

    I got these Wilhelm's that I can trade too:
    1960 Topps- Hoyt Wilhelm
    1964 Topps- Hoyt Wilhelm


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    ill give the 59 cepeda and the gagne gu for the 2 wilhelms and the gathright auto.

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    I'll pass on that offer, the Gagne books $8, the Gathright $10 and with 60 Wilhelm and the 64 book $15 and $12 respectively. I would also rather work to get the Morgan but if you don't want to trade the Morgan maybe I can throw something in for the 59 Cepeda and 58 Spahn AS.

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    how about the 59 cepeda and gagane gu for 1 wilhelm and the gathright?sorry but i cant trade the morgan and spahn.

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