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    Talking will trade in your favor chris simms rookies i really like

    title says it all plmk what you have and what you'll need please no press pass/sage. really want his spa or spx will trade in your favor for those two for sure thanks

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    back to page one and i will be trading in your favor for all simms rookies not just spx and spa.

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    Hey John!!!!! I Have these Simms RC's:

    03 Bowman Chrome #201
    03 Bowman #250
    03 Score #279
    03 Gridiron Kings #104

    LMK if ya Need these.. I would be Looking for Newer Inserts of Peyton & Eli Manning OR For Newer Inserts to Use as Tradebait....

    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!!

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    Ive got his Donruss Classics RC.
    Looking for a few Craytons in return.
    Let me know

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    ill check on those manning inserts for you.
    also heres my current tradlist lmk if you could use anything.

    2001 Rob Konrad private stock logo patch sn 74/350

    2003 absolute bethel johnson 2 color ball/jersey sn/750

    2004 jeff smoker ud foundations signature foundations

    2004 bowmens best p.k. sam auto

    2004 chris perry rc jersey sn/1299

    2004 fan favorites marty lyons auto 2005 rookies

    2005 donte nicholson saturday swatches

    2005 gridiron gear roddy white rookie jersey

    2005 bazooka originals antrel rolle 4 color patch ( black white black white)

    2006 david Thomas sage aspire title ticket sn/50 ( says bowl on ticket)

    steelers- have nothing of crayton do you collect anyone else?

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    Hey John!!!! Just LMK what Manning Inserts ya Come Up with.. The Only Thing From Your List I Maybe Could use is the Rolle Bazooka Patch....


    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!

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    this is what i found of peyton i might have more i just knew i at least had these lmk if you can use them thanks

    2006 fleer faces of the game
    2006 fleer the franchise
    2006 fleer fantasy standouts

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    Hey John!!!! I Need the Faces of the Game Insert....


    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!

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    could i get the bvs of these 2

    03 Bowman Chrome #201
    03 Gridiron Kings #104

    i can trade you the rolle 4 color, the peyton faces of the game if the bvs are close, if not ill look again plmk thanks

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