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    Awesome 2003 Certified cards for trade/sell

    I'm looking to trade the following for Packers cards, new or vintage (or sell). I don't want to trade one good card for 10 Packers. I only will trade one card for one or two of similar value. Emailm me your offers at

    Just bought a box of 2003 Leaf Certified and pulled:

    Kyle Boller RC Mirror Gold Rookie (#1 of 25 w/ 2-color jersey, shoe, helmet, and football)

    Justin Fargas RC mirror Red (#11 of 150) w/ jersy and football.

    Richard Dent auto with 3-color jersy (#88 of 95)

    Andre Johnson RC (pained jersey...#110 out of 1250)

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    Justin Fargas RC mirror Red (#11 of 150) w/ jersy and football


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    I was thinking it would book around $30. LMK

    Also just curious of how much you want on the boller


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    i like them all also. lmk if we can work something out.


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    bishop2knight...i've got a 97 pacific inv. b.farve (silver) bv $40...i'll trade for the fargas...also throw in another $10 insert of farve..or a couple a.freeman rc's (bv$10 each-i think) lmk....joe

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    hey, i am interested in that andre johnson jersey, i got a 2002 bowman's best javon walker jersey, and some favre inserts i am willing to give up for it, plmk

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    Hey Bishop.

    I am working on getting a davenport auto(in mail) and have some GREAT favre cards from a desertted collection from my uncle.. lmk if you will trade that boller and wahts ur value in trade on it


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    Everyone, the Boller is gone already. Thanks.

    So far, I really don't see anything I want for the other cards. Thanks.

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