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    Cool 2002 playoff absolute memorabilia(hobby) box for sale

    I have one box, best offer. Add $4 shipping, unless you want priority and or insurance. Will take $150 in trade.

    SORRY guys it has been traded. i could not pass up the Randy Moss 98 Topps Auto BV $120

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    If I put that down, no one will pay any more. I want to see whatever the offers are. I am not sure what they are selling for right now, do you know? It would be less than the card sores though.

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    Id place an offer.. but i honestly dont know whats even in that set


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    PAM set

    this is one of the premium sets. rookies include:
    there are some great memorabilia inserts. E-bay has a couple of these boxes with the BUY NOW price is $100+

    David Carr $50
    Joey Harrington $50
    Clinton Portis $50

    Other rookies $15-$30

    Inserts are. Leather+Laces $15-$30
    Signing Bonus(this is what everyone wants) anywhere from a common is $30 and they go up to $300 for emmit smith and michael vick--Brett favre is $250 and there are several $100 $150 ones and you get ONE in every box, so you are guranteed at least a $30 Auto..
    Tools of the trade memorabilia- $20 to $50

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    they appear to be going for about $90, which is more than I expected. Here's a link to one:

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    would you trade it for cards and cash? i would offer $50 cash, but i dont know if im in the right ballpark

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    if I did trade i wanted $150, so $50 cash and a $50 Trade would work for me.

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    would you take a 1998 topps randy moss rookie card auto for it bv 120?

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