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    Anyone have any unique & sweet AKs??

    I need nice #/d GU or AUs...nothing low end, as i have plenty of those.

    ALTHOUGH, I need many base! So LMK what you have!! :new_blueg

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    What are you looking for??

    And also, what trade value do you place on it? I don't have a lot of really high end stuff, but I got good "mid" end stuff.

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    its for sale also. please make an offer. if not ill look at your list. not sure on BV yet.

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    i have a 05-06 sp signatures gold auto /25 coming from upper deck, interested? looking to sell via money order or check

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    Check my site and maybe I could do a cash/trade deal.

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    I h8 this website; nothing stays on pg 1 for very long at all.

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