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Thread: I need CC check out my cards

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    I need CC check out my cards

    I really need just a lil cc please help
    check out my cards click on my www

  2. Kronozio
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    what is the year and value of these two:

    walker jersey jam
    garnett uniform of greatness

    and what do you want for them -- cc
    Collecting Barry Sanders, Tom Brady for myself. Collecting Bart Starr, Aaron Rodgers, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, and Buster Posey for my son.

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    I'll give you 50 CC for the Kobe Topps Destiny.

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    the walker is worth 20 the garnett is worth 20 I want 115 for both of them the nash is worth 15 I want 85 for it and the kobe destiny is worth 20 i want atleast 100 fo r it

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    how much for the vince cater fleer genuine jersey?

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    i want the kobe rookie, what do you want for it, i would pay 95 for the nash

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    I'm interested in these cards:

    Kevin Garnett UD Uniform of Greatness
    Chris Kamen UD top Prospects
    Carmelo Anthony UD top prospects
    Nene Hilario Fleer platinum BV ? #163
    Lebron James UD top Prospects

    How m8uch CC do you want for each, and how much would you want for all of them. LMK.

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    KG I want 175 cc for it
    chris Kamen rookie I want 85 for it
    Carmelo 150
    Lebrons 175
    Nene 100

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    hey hot sauce I want 80 for the kobe rookie and 100 for the nash

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