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Thread: Buying Yankee commons

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    Exclamation Buying Yankee commons

    I am currently buying Yankee commons. Please follow the guideline's below;


    -All cards must be 1980-2006

    -No stars.Jeter,arod,ect,only commons.

    -Cards 1996-2006 I will pay 2 cent's DLVD/card.Cards 1980-95 I will pay 1 cent DLVD/card.

    -No oddballs.Only topps,ud,fleer,score,donruss,ect.

    -I will take 5 of the same card.
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    I'll see what I can come up with for you. I should have a ton of Yankees to get rid of.

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    I have 58 2cent cards and 298 1cent cards for a total of $4.14. Please LMK how you will pay.

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    I will gather them up and get back to you.


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    I have 100-200 Yankee Commons maybe more can be found, what do I do now.


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    How will you be paying?
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