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    any body looking for base/insert of a player or team


    let me know what your looking for i can see if i have anything

    if you would like scans/pictures
    of cards you would be tradeing for
    i could get them on my photo bucket
    if we work out a trade
    i collect dwyane wade .
    some of my dwyane wade
    i would trade for lebron james.
    if you have none i could look at your trade list
    i have a hard time finding anything i want on most of the trade lists ive seen

    somewhat new to tradeing online
    not all my cards are in a list
    if you tell me a player or team
    and you have something i want
    i could work on a list for you or if you have a want list i can see if i have anything on it

    i have 1000's of base/insert basketball football baseball
    mostly 90's and up some older cards from 70's and 80's
    a few 100 gu and autos

    i have some
    golf raceing hockey non sport cards
    i do not collect these at all and are easier for me to trade them

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I can use a bunch of refractors for sets I'm doing and a few Wade refractors if available. I posted the list in reply to one of your previous posts(refractors for trade/sell). I don't like to make offers so you can PM me with what you are looking for on those cards or what % of BV you want.

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    LMK what Ray Allens you have.
    Looking for RAY ALLEN! 962 Different Ray Allens and counting... Hidden Content
    Hidden Content Hidden Content

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    I need 03-04 Minnesota Timberwolves cards.
    Go Grizzlies and Go Pacers!

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