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    Want the Big USC 3 (bush,leinart,white)

    actually doin this for a friend who doesnt have access to the site

    Lookin to trade for all Reggie Bush, Lendale White, and Matt Leinart cards

    just post what you got and I'll trade ya for em and then go to him with em, or if i dont have anything you want i'll see what he's got for ya

    dudes a HUGE USC fan so he wants all he can get.

    I know he's got alot of the BIG cards of these guys, he's spent WAY WAY too much on having me buy cards on EBAY LOL

    but everything in hte middle is perfect



  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    I have these from 2006 presspass:
    lendale white
    reggie bush paydirt
    matt leinart
    reggie bush

    Mainly looking for brian westbrook cards

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    i've already got those myself to give up, thanks though man

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    hey jimmy...just trading for them?? also lmk if i still owe you 1 feedback (i know i gave you an advance on the sproles, but think i still owe you for the chromes)

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    I belive you gave me all mine, i just owe you on the sproles

    but preferably yes trade, cause im doin most of the trading to get over to him, and buying wise im still workin on the SPA set so just seeing whats available and what can be done to get it!

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    no more spa left, and not looking to trade today (actually needing paypal)...but i do owe you for the trade with the chromes...doing it now....take care

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    I have a press pass lendale white rookie, an aspire matt leinart rookie, a Reggie Bush Press Pass Pay Dirt rookie insert, and a Reggie Bush Press Pass SE Gold Insert.
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    Got all the presspass and Sage pretty much now LOL

    let me know what you got in the means of Prestige, Elite, Classic, Score, Topps DPP, and Ultra

    and right now im majorly after Lendale White's for myself


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    i got bush score cards. got any vince youngs for trade?

    i got these

    Matt Leinart:
    06 Score Matt Leinart Glossy Rookie Card #331
    06 Score Matt Leinart Rookie Card #331
    06 Aspire Matt Leinart Card #2 (x2)
    06 Aspire Matt Leinart Card #34

    Reggie Bush:
    06 Score Reggie Bush Hot Rookie Card #4 (x2)
    06 Score Reggie Bush Rookie Card #360

    Lindale White:
    06 Sage Hit Lindale White Autographed Rookie Card #A21
    06 Fleer Lindale White Fresh Faces Card #FR-LW
    06 Fleer Lindale White Fleer Futures Card #162
    06 Score Lindale White Glossy Hot Rookie Card #HR5
    06 Aspire Lindale White Card #7 (x3)

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