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Thread: TTM tradelist

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    TTM tradelist

    Just looking to add new items to my collection. These are all duplicates, so you can't find pictures of the items for trade on my website. A few still have COAs from JSA when I was working with them. However, after multiple times of having packages damaged or items lost, I am no longer working with JSA, but instead GAI. So if you insist on a COA, you must be willing to pay/trade an extra $7 and wait about a month for the item to come back with GAI certification.

    Post or PM for scans. List below:

    Adrianne Palicki (actress, Agents of Shield) 8x10
    Agnes Bruckner (actress, The Anna Nicole Story) 8x10 “to Chris”
    Alexandra Breckenridge (actress, The Walking Dead) 8x10
    Ali Larter (actress, Heroes) 8x10
    Alicia Sacramone (Olympic gymnast) 8x10
    Alona Tal (actress, Supernatural) 8x10
    Aly Raisman (Olympic gymnast) 5x7
    Alyson Hannigan (actress, How I Met Your Mother) 8x10
    Amanda Bynes (actress, She’s All That) 8x10
    Amber Nichole Miller (UFC ring girl) 8x10
    Amy Adams (actress, Man of Steel) 8x10
    Anna Kournikova (tennis) 4x6 w/JSA COA
    Anna Torv (actress, Fringe) 8x10
    Annie Thurman (actress, The Hunger Games) 8x10
    Arlene Dahl (classical actress) 8x10
    Ashley Benson (actress, Pretty Little Liars) 8x10
    Audrey Landers (singer) 4x6 w/JSA COA
    Aurora Snow (adult actress) NSFW 8x10
    Austin Pettis (UFC fighter) 8x10
    Bam Margera (skateboard, ™™™™™™™) 8.5x11 w/JSA COA
    Becca Tobin (actress, Glee) 8x10
    Benedict Cumberbatch (actor, Sherlock) 8x10
    Bobby Bowden (FSU coach) 8x10
    Bobby Thomson (MLB) 4x6 w/JSA
    Briana Evigan (actress, Step Up 2) 8x10
    Brittney Palmer (UFC ring girl) NSFW 8x10
    Catherine Mary Stewart (actress, Weekend at Bernies) 8x10
    Ceelo Green (singer) 8x10
    Chandler Riggs (actor, The Walking Dead) 8x10
    Channing Tatum (actor, Step Up) 8x10
    Charo (dancer) 8x10
    Cheryl Burke (dancer) 8x10
    Chloe Bennett (actress, Agents of Shield) 8x10
    Chloe Grace Moretz (actress, Kick*ss) 8x10
    Chloe Sevigny (actress, American Horror Story) 8x10
    Chris Daughtry (singer) 8x10
    Chris Dickerson (Mr. Universe) 8x10
    Chris Evans (actor, Captain America) 8x10
    Christa Flanagan (actress, Mad Men) 8x10
    Christian Bale (actor, The Dark Knight) 8x10
    Christina Hendricks (actress, Mad Men) 8x10
    Christy Carlson Romano (actress, Even Stevens) 8x10
    Cobie Smulders (actress, How I Met Your Mother) 8x10
    Corbin Bleu (actor, High School Musical) 8x10
    Courtney Force (racer) 8x10
    Cybill Shephard (actress, Taxi Driver) 8x10
    Dana Marie (model) 8x10 w/Autograph World COA
    Dan Aykroyd (actor, Blue Brothers) shotglass w/JSA COA
    Daniel Craig (actor, Casino Royale) 8x10
    Danielle Fishel (actress, Boy Meets World) 8x10
    Danielle Panabaker (actress, The Flash) 8x10
    Danny Aiello (actor, The Godfather) 8.5x11 w/JSA COA
    Dixie Carter (TNA) 8x10
    Eliza Dushku (actress, Dollhouse) 8x10
    Elizabeth Berkley (actress, Saved by the Bell) 8x10
    Ellen Muth (actress, Dead Like Me) 8x10
    Emily Kinney (actress, The Walking Dead) 8x10
    Emma (WWE diva) 8x10
    Erica Durance (actress, Smallville) 8x10
    Erin Andrews (ESPN anchor) 8x10
    Eva Green (actress, Sin City) 8x10
    Evangeline Lilly (actress, LOST) 8x10
    Ewan McGregor (actor, Star Wars) 8x10
    Farrah Abraham (Teen Mom) 8x10
    Felicia Day (actress, Supernatural) 8x10
    Fergie (singer) 8x10
    Gabrielle Reece (Olympic volleyball) 8.5x11 w/JSA COA personalized “to Chris”
    George RR Martin (author, Game of Thrones) bookplate w/JSA COA
    Gretchen Bleiler (Olympic snowboarder) 8.5x11
    Guy Fieri (TV chef) 8x10
    Heather Morris (actress, Glee) 8x10
    Home Improvement (actors Tim Allen & Richard Karn) 5x7 w/JSA COA
    Idina Menzel (actress, Frozen) 8x10
    Jacqueline Bisset (classical actress) 4x6 w/JSA COA
    Jade Jones (Olympic swimmer) 8x10
    James Roday (actor, Psych) 8x10
    Jamie Anderson (Olympic snowboarder) 8x10
    Jamie Chung (actress, Once Upon a Time) 8x10
    Jamie Lynn Spears (singer) 8x10
    Janina Gavankar (actress, Girls) 8x10
    Jason Alexander (actor, Seinfield) 5x7 w/JSA COA
    Jason David Frank (actor, Power Rangers) 8.5x11 w/JSA COA
    Jayden James (adult actress) NSFW 8x10 personalized “to Chris” – can be removed
    Jeffery DuMunn (actor, The Green Mile) 4x6 w/JSA COA
    Jennifer Jo Cobb (racer) 8x10
    Jessy Schram (actress, Once Upon a Time) 8x10
    Jill Wagner (host, Wipeout) 4x6
    Jillian Barberie (NFL anchor) 8x10
    Jim Tressel (Ohio State coach) 8.5x11 w/JSA COA
    JJ Watt (HOU DE) 8x10
    Joanna Pacula (actress, Gorky Park) 8x10
    Jodi Lyn O’Keefe (actress, Nash Bridges) 5x7
    Joey King (actress, The Conjuring) 8x10
    John Force (racer) 8x10
    John Stamos (actor, Full House) 4x6
    Jon Voight (actor, National Treasure) 8x10
    Jordan Carver (model) 8x10
    Jordyn Wieber (Olympic gymnast) 8x10 w/JSA COA
    Josh Hamilton (LAA OF) 8x10
    Josh Holloway (actor, LOST)
    Julia Stiles (actress, 10 Things I Hate About You) 8x10
    Julianne Hough (dancer) 8x10
    Julie Newmar (actress, Batman) 8x10
    Kaley Cuoco (actress, Big Bang Theory) 8x10
    Karina Smirnof (dancer) 4x6 w/JSA COA
    Kat Dennings (actress, Two Broke Girls) 8x10
    Katherine McNamara (actress, Girl vs Monster) 5x7
    Katie Findlay (actress, How to Get Away with Murder) 8x10
    Katie Hoff (Olympic swimmer) 8x10
    Kayla Perkins (model) 8.5x11 w/JSA COA
    Kellan Lutz (actor, The Legend of Hercules) 8x10
    Kellie Coffey (singer) 8.5x11
    Kellie Pickler (singer) 8x10
    Kelly Clarkson (singer) 5x7 w/JSA COA
    Kelly Kelly (WWE diva) 8x10
    Kelly Shinn (Survivor contestant) 8x10
    Ken Leung (actor, LOST) 8x10
    Kerry Bische (actress, Scrubs) 8x10
    Kimberly Caldwell (singer) 8x10
    Kristen Wiig (actress, Bridesmaids) 8x10
    Kristin Davis (actress, Sex and the City) 8x10
    Kristin Kreuk (actress, Smallville) 8x10
    Ksenia Solo (actress, Lost Girl) 8x10
    Lauren Conrad (actress, The OC) 8x10
    Lauren Graham (actress, Gilmore Girls) 8x10
    Lea Michele (actress, Glee) 8x10
    Lee Arenberg (actor, Pirates of the Caribbean) 8x10
    Lex Luger (wrestler) 8x10
    Linda Gray (actress, Dallas) 4x6 w/JSA COA
    Lindsey McKeon (actress, Supernatural) 8x10
    Lori Loughlin (actress, Full House) 5x7 w/JSA COA
    Lucy Hale (actress, Pretty Little Liars) 8x10
    Luke Wilson (actor, Old School) 8x10
    Madelyn Monroe (adult actress) NSFW 8x10
    Maggie Grace (actress, LOST) 8x10
    Malin Akerman (actress, Watchmen) 8x10
    Marisa Tomei (actress, My Cousin Vinny) 8x10
    Marnette Patterson (actress, Charmed) 8x10
    Mary Costa 8.5x11 (actress, Sleeping Beauty) w/JSA COA
    Matthew Fox (actor, LOST) 8x10
    Melissa Joan Hart (actress, Sabrina the Teenage Witch) script cover
    Mena Suvari (actress, American Pie) 4x6
    Michael C Hall 8.5x11 (actor, Dexter) w/JSA COA
    Miesha Tate (UFC fighter) 8x10
    Natalie Raitano (actress, VIP) 8x10
    Nick Jonas (singer) 4x6 w/JSA COA
    Olivia Munn (G4 host) 8x10
    One-Eyed Doll (singer) 8x10 personalized “to Chris” - can be removed
    Paige VanZant (UFC figher) 8x10
    Paris Hilton (heiress) 4x6
    Patricia Kara (model, Deal or No Deal) 8x10
    Peter Dinklage (actor, Game of Thrones) 8x10 personalized “to Chris” – inscription has minor bubbling
    Phil Mickelson (golfer) 8x10
    Poppy Montgomery (actress, Without a Trace) 8x10
    Randy Couture (UFC fighter) script cover w/JSA COA personalized “to Chris”
    Rashida Jones (actress, Parks & Recreation) 8x10
    Rebecca Mader (actress, LOST) 8x10
    Robbie Amell (actor, The Flash) 8x10
    Robert Hight (racer) 8x10
    Shannon Miller (Olympic gymnast) 4x6 w/JSA COA
    Shawn Johnson (Olympic gymast) 8.5x11 w/JSA
    Terry O’Quinn (actor, LOST) 4x6 w/JSA COA
    Tina Fey (actress, 30 Rock) 8x10
    Tom Felton (actor, Harry Potter) 8x10
    Tom Selleck (actor, Magnum P.I.) 5x7 w/JSA COA
    Trish Stratus (WWE diva) 8x10 w/JSA COA
    Trisha Yearwood (singer) 5x7 w/JSA COA
    Twilight (actors Nikki Reed & Cam Gigandet) 5x7 DVD cover
    Tyrann Mathieu (ARI DB) 8x10
    Vicki Carr (singer) 8x10
    Wes Craven (director, Scream) 5x7 w/JSA COA
    Willem DaFoe (actor, Boondock Saints) 8x10 w/Autograph World COA
    Zoie Palmer (actress, Lost Girl) 8x10
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    whatcha want for the 8x10 lea michele

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    Is it strictly trade or are you willing to sell something?

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    any chance you would sell this?

    Olivia Munn (G4 host) 8x10

    If so how much.
    1) Adrian Peterson (ANYTHING)- Buying and Trading
    2) Oklahoma Sooners- Cards, Memorabilia, Magazines, Bobble Head, SLU, etc
    3) Anything Serial numbered 616/xxxx
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    whatcha want for the lea Michele 8x10

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    Interested in the Aly Raisman photo. What are you looking to trade or are you open to selling?

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    This user hasn't been on the site in 4 months, and the thread is multiple years old, I am going to close it
    Working on autographed 1987 Topps Baseball set:
    Total Cards in Set:792/Total Autographable: 760 (6 Checklists, 26 Team Leaders)
    Total Autographed:605!
    Currently Sent (Outstanding):71
    Percent Complete:79.6

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