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    im taking offers on my entire felix pie collection.

    im just taking offers and if i get a good one i may take it. im in no hurry to trade them and im going to tell you now nice ernie banks cards will go the farthest. anyway here is the list i would like to trade the whole lot in one deal if possible but will listen to other offers. here is the list

    auto ball with coa from tristar- no bv
    2003 bowman draft (6) total bv 24
    2003 bowman draft gold (2) total bv-12
    2003 topps traded bv-4
    2003 boman heritage (3) bv-12
    2004 bazooka not sure on bv maybe 2
    2004 bowman bv-1
    2004 bowman chrome draft xfractor #/125 not sure on bv
    2004 topps cracker jack (6) bv-not sure maybe 8
    2004 bowman seterling auto jersey bv-25
    2003 topps 205 bv-40

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    well the ball and 205 auto are pending but make an offer on the lot without those 2 and then the entire lot. that way if the ball and 205 auto are gone we have a place to start and if they dont we have a place to start

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    2004 bowman chrome draft xfractor #/125

    Could use that. LMK if you see anything. Ill check and see if I have any cubbies that arent listed

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    the whole lot is pending at this moment. but if u have any ernie banks id be intersted.

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