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    ive made some nice trades this weekend so now i want to trade this sandberg auto.

    well ive made some nice trades this weekend. ive picked up and ernie banks auto and jersey card, a sweet greg maddux patch and a don zimmer auto, and the big fish a shaq auto. anyway i want to trade this sandberg auto bv-120 im looking for 1-2 cards in trade. if you have asked about it before and dont have any new stuff please dont ask again if i didnt like anything. and please dont ask if you dont have 2 cards that would add to 120+ bv. also the triple patch is gone so dont ask about it. here is the scan

    EDIT- i will also sell for 82 paypal
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    would you take an 04 Leaf Certified Materials Mark Prior Mirror Blue autograph #025/100 and Aramis Ramirez Mirror Emerald autograph #4/5 for it?

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    i doubt it but can i see scans cause someimes that makes the difference. also do you have a list or site with other stuff. either way can i see scans of the prior and aramis and then i will decide.

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    I don't have a way to get scans. I have some other stuff available if you want to check my other threads I have.

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    look in my photobucket. most of my pc isn't for trade, but maybe I would be willing to trade some. Let me know. Thanks.

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    stepgan- i will look around at ure threads and let you know if i like anything

    2corey-didnt see anything sorry

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    shephan sorry nothing would either of you like to buy it . the price is in the original post.

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    How about if I threw in another Aramis Ramirez 04 Playoff Honors auto #/25? BV is $40.

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    the prior aramis and the other aramis for the sandberg. if that is what you are proposing i will definatly consider it. im just gonna go to ebay and try to find scans of the ones you are offering. i will post the scans here and you tell me if those are the ones.

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