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Thread: will buy all your base cards

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    will buy all your base cards

    Looking to get rid of your massive base card collection and extra cash? I'm looking to buy a massive lot of base cards for these players only. I'm only looking for 2003-2006 cards. Duplicates are okay.

    What we can do is if you can give me a rough estimate of how many of each player that I have listed you are willng to part with, I will compromise on a certain price with each player. The higher the name, the higher the value I hold in that player. Please let me know if you would like to get rid of your cards, I'm really looking to spend some money.

    Albert Pujols:
    Derek Jeter:
    Alex Rodriguez:
    Barry Bonds:
    David Wright:
    Jeff Francoeur:
    Hideki Matsui:
    Roger Clemens:
    Ryan Zimmerman:
    Vladmir Guerrero:
    Ken Griffey Jr:
    Francisco Liriano:
    Greg Maddux:
    David Ortiz:
    Manny Ramirez:
    Ryan Howard:
    Chipper Jones:
    Miguel Cabrera:
    Mike Piazza:
    Curt Schilling:
    Jim Thome:
    Nomar Garciaparra:
    Johan Santana:
    Gary Sheffield:
    Chase Utley:
    Randy Johnson:
    Andruw Jones:
    Felix Hernandez:
    Mark Teixeira:
    Mariano Rivera:
    Jason Varitek:
    Paul Konerko:
    Barry Zito:
    Jorge Posada:
    Miguel Tejada:
    Robinson Cano:
    Derek Lee:
    Scott Rolen:
    Pedro Martinez:
    Carlos Beltran:
    Jason Giambi:
    Alfonso Soriano:
    Joe Mauer:
    Travis Hafner:
    Grady Sizemore:

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    Please LMK what you would pay for these.

    Albert Pujols: 3
    Derek Jeter: 1
    Alex Rodriguez:1
    Barry Bonds: 12
    David Wright: 2
    Hideki Matsui: 1
    Roger Clemens: 2
    Vladmir Guerrero: 4
    Ken Griffey Jr: 3
    Manny Ramirez: 1
    Miguel Cabrera: 2
    Mike Piazza: 1
    Curt Schilling: 1
    Jim Thome: 2
    Johan Santana: 3
    Gary Sheffield: 2
    Randy Johnson: 1
    Andruw Jones: 1
    Mark Teixeira: 1
    Mariano Rivera: 2
    Paul Konerko: 3
    Barry Zito: 1
    Jorge Posada: 5
    Scott Rolen: 6
    Pedro Martinez: 1
    Carlos Beltran: 3
    Jason Giambi: 2
    Alfonso Soriano: 2

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    Let me know your prices

    Albert Pujols:1
    Derek Jeter:1
    Alex Rodriguez:1
    Hideki Matsui:4
    Roger Clemens:1
    Vladmir Guerrero:2
    Ken Griffey Jr:3
    Greg Maddux:4
    David Ortiz:2
    Manny Ramirez:10
    Miguel Cabrera:5
    Mike Piazza:4
    Curt Schilling:2
    Jim Thome:7
    Nomar Garciaparra:1
    Johan Santana:1
    Gary Sheffield:1
    Randy Johnson:6
    Mark Teixeira:3
    Mariano Rivera:2
    Jason Varitek:3
    Paul Konerko:2
    Jorge Posada:8
    Derek Lee:3
    Scott Rolen:7
    Pedro Martinez:2
    Carlos Beltran:4
    Jason Giambi:1
    Alfonso Soriano:2
    Travis Hafner:1
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