First and foremost, I'd like to thank our sponsors at Topps for providing us with this box.


24 packs per box
10 cards per pack
Current Retail Price (online): $99.99 - $124.99



Veterans & Rookies
- Featuring the top players in MLS, with an assortment of players from all 21 teams (Orlando and NYCFC included).

2014 All-Stars
- The 2014 MLS All-Stars will be commemorated with a unique card. NEW!

24 Under 24
- Cards will feature the top 24 MLS players under the age of 24.

- Highlighting the unique venues that have made the MLS gameday experience so successful. NEW!

- Purple Parallel: Sequentially numbered.
- Gold Parallel: Sequentially numbered to 25.
- Black Parallel: Sequentially numbered to 10.
- Red Parallel: Numbered 1/1. NEW!
- Printing Plates: Numbered 1/1. HOBBY ONLY


Presence of the Pitch
- The league's biggest stars with photography showcasing the emotions of the game. 1:6 hobby packs NEW!

MLS Minis
- Sketch card reproductions to be modeled after vintage cards of the past. NEW!

All-Star Short Prints
- Base card design featuring variation imagery showcasing each subject in his 2014 MLS All-Star Game uniform. NEW!

Gameday Heritage
- Featuring the most unique gameday experiences from around MLS. NEW!


Base Autographs
An autograph parallel of the base card.
- Gold Parallel: Sequentially numbered to 25.
- Black Parallel: Sequentially numbered to 10.
- Red Parallel: Numbered 1/1. NEW! HOBBY ONLY

MLS Personalities
Autographs of celebrities and personalities who are heavily involved in Major League Soccer. NEW!

Admired Alumni Autographs
A continuity program spanning all MLS products that features league icons on a new, high-end design. NEW!

Presence of the Pitch Autographs
Autographs of the league's biggest stars, with photography that showcases the emotions of the game. Sequentially numbered.
- Red Parallel: Numbered 1/1. HOBBY ONLY NEW!


Autograph Relics
Showcasing a game-used piece of player jersey with a sticker autograph. NEW!
- Gold Parallel: Sequentially numbered to 25.
- Black Parallel: Sequentially numbered to 10.
- Red Parallel: Numbered 1/1.
- Printing Plates: Numbered 1/1. HOBBY ONLY

Kits of the Game
Featuring a piece of the player's game-used jersey.
- Gold Parallel:. Sequentially numbered to 25.
- Black Parallel: Sequentially numbered to 10.
- Red Parallel: Numbered 1/1. NEW!
- Printing Plates: Numbered 1/1. HOBBY ONLY


Base - 198/200 (99%)
Dupes - 20

Gameday Heritage (2)
Mini Sketch Card (3)

Presence Of The Pitch (4)

Harry Shipp Autograph

Baggio Husidic Gold Autograph /25

Matt Besler Autograph Relic /50

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Wil Trapp Kits Relic /85

Bradley Wright-Phillips Kits Relic /85

This is the third year Topps has produced this type of release for MLS. The 200-card base set features players from all the teams, including new arrivals Orlando City FC and New York FC. Cards feature most players in action with their prospective teams, while a handful are podium shots. The action shots do a great job capturing the players at task. Though we did not get any, there are four serial numbered parallel levels (Purple, Gold, Black and Red) as well as Printing Plates. There are also short print variations which will feature the players in their 2014 All-Star Game kit. These appear once in around every two boxes.

Topps streamlined the number of insert set to three. Presence of the Pitch features some of the top names in MLS with possible autograph versions. Gameday Heritage encapsulates the spirit of the fans in the stadiums. Mini Sketch highlights different moves you might see during a game set to one of the respective teams in MLS. Look for the original artwork to be inserted as well. Expect to see see four Essence, two Gameday and three sketches per box.

Each box will yield 2 autographs, 2 relics and 1 autograph relic. Relics (including the auto relic) are centered in Kits Of The Game. Autographs are found in three sets, Base Autographs, Admired Alumni and MLS Personalities. All relics and autographs have parallel versions.

Sadly, it is hard to get behind this release. Personally, I am a big fan of soccer, whether it is MLS or overseas. However, Topps has taken a couple of steps back this year. Last year's release contained 6 hits instead of 5. Also, there were a handful of serial numbered parallels whereas this year could yield none. The price point is higher that it was last year. This combined to make 2015 a lesser product than its predecessors, yet more costly. The ideology doesn't make sense. I could see the reverse happening last year as it was a World Cup year and fan interest was higher. So I am dumbfounded to see less, especially when you have two new teams to build product around. Oh, and let's not forget to mention that it is inexcusable to short a complete set by two cards, yet have 20 additional cards appear in packs.


Base - 4.5/5
Design - 4/5
Fun - 3.5/5
Value - 3/5
Rebuy - 2.5/5

Overall - 17.5/25 (70%)


NPN 2015 Topps MLS
PO Box 766
Pittston, PA 18640

Limit 1 Request Per Household

Postmarked By: 6/24/15
Received By: 7/1/15

Canada Skills: 12 x 3 + 4 - 11 = ?

Once again, I'd like to thank our wonderful sponsors at Topps for giving us the opportunity to open and review this release. For more information on all of their products, visit them today at

Base and inserts are available for request. Relics and Autographs are not available. Please PM me with the card or cards of interest, including card numbers for base cards. Members are limited to up to 3 base cards or 1 insert. Please leave comments to reflect the product only, not for making requests. Cards will remain available for 30 days from the time this review is posted. As always, only VIPs may make a request for the first 48 hours.