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    Talking 34 card GU AU Vintage Graded Bucket Update

    Check it and LMK if you want to trade...:icon_roll

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    might be interested in the giambi patch, and i may need the 59 red sox team card- what is the card # on that one? Thanks
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    It's the white back (variation) #248- $30 BV I believe, the Giambi is $50 BV... LMK when you know for sure what you are interested in / need. Thanks.

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    whats the bv on the wallace/hamilton/wallace triple jersey card and what is it numbered to.

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    Beckett Graded 10 BLUE AUTO JSY RC /150 Jeff Clement? I pm'ed you.
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    ok- dont need the red sox team card, and i didnt know the giambi was so high bv, i will pass on that also
    Thanks though
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