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    What card project are you currently working on?

    Currently I'm working on organizing my Seau collection. It's completely out of control. I have tens of thousands of base cards and am now trying to organize them. It's already taken 3 days and I'm only 25% done with just getting them sorted by year. Will it ever end? As I was doing this last night I got to thinking other people are working on there cards. So I ask you, what card project are you currently working on?

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    i am currently looking to organize all of my cards by players last name... i have around 50K cards so it is a major project
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    sorting out my inserts and gu and autos so that i know which ones i need to hold onto and which ones i need to trade / sell.

    want to clear up more space for cards that i really like rather then just have cards that dont interest me anymore.

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    For the past two weeks I have been inputting my inserts on beckett so I can make a inserts trade list...this is a nightmare because I have THOUSANDS of

    The fun part is finding cards that are worth quite a bit of money...

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    A few moths ago I put all my star/semistar base and inserts into a few 5000 count boxes in order by last name. That was boring.

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    Right now I am organizing like 1500 vintage cards for my parent's friend...It is really cool to see all these awesome old cards (i.e. johnny u rcs, namath rcs, tark rcs). And getting paid to drool on such nice cards really puts the icing on the cake

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    Displaying my cards better (frames, holders) Concentrate on players I collect and SPEND LESS MONEY

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    I'm documenting my inventory of Randall Cunningham cards. That project is fairly close to done. It would only take 2 hours of work to finish it off.
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    Collecting the 1981 Donruss set!


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    getting over the 10k hump ......will be done as soon as everyone that I made deals with sends my cards .....then deciding what kinda goal do I want to do next.....should I make a small goal for myself or just make a huge that will take me a few months hard to decide

    Anyone buy a 2006 Score Hobby box ....those give any cool cards ?
    also bought a Sage thing off of dacardworld for like 17 ....only 9 cards ....hope its worth

    also I bought 2 - 2006 Score Hobby Boxes .....I would come close to completing that set ...right ?

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