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    Need ALL 1994 Marshall Faulk cards

    I am collecting every one of Marshall Faulks Rookie year cards, please list what you have and I will let you know if I have it or not. Cards #'s are important since he has so many parallel's out there. Thanks !

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    OK I failed on the Carnell Williams RC, how about Faulk...again !

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    I have the Faulk Pinnacle Draft Pinnacle DP2, a Classic card m6 (in classic tee & hat).
    Also have a college program from 1992 with Faulk on the front (card sized)

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    Very cool ! I have the DP2, The Classic M6 is one I do need. I am also interested in the college program. Please check out my ste and let me know what you could use for them. Thanks a lot for the reply !

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    Anyone...someone has to have something...Faulk is out for this season already...get rid of those rookies !!!

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    I would be interested in the jersey cards you have of Ronnie Brown & Chris Chambers. PLMK, Thanks

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    I saw that yoiu have the Faulk 94 Pro Line AUTO, what could we work out for that ? Thanks !

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    Bumping from page 4 to page 1 for another chance.

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    Hi. My 94 Proline auto of Faulk is part of the set I'm trying to complete.
    I would trade it straight up for the Rod Bernstine in the same set. Were you interested in trading for the 2 Dolphins jersey cards?

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