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    Huge FS/FT List of 2005/06 RC's/GU/Parallels/Auto's CHECK IT OUT!

    I am mostly interested in selling these but will take trade offers if cards are in my wantlist. I have listed the current value (Beckett) next to the cards to make it easier for everyone. Just let me know what you're interested in and I'll make you a deal. Sorry about the long list but I need to move these. I only accept Paypal if you are buying.

    2005/06 Rookies
    Topps '52 Style Chris Taft bv $3
    Topps '52 Style Jason Maxiell bv $3
    Topps '52 Style Danny Granger bv $5
    Topps '52 Style Jenny McCarthy bv $5
    Topps '52 Style Andrew Bogut bv $8
    Topps '52 Style Marvin Williams bv $6
    Topps '52 Style Luther Head bv $4
    Topps '52 Style Martell Webster bv $4
    Sweet Shot David Lee #'d 492/1599 bv $6
    Bowman Nate Robinson bv $4
    Sweet Shot Nate Robinson #'d 297/1599 bv $8
    Trilogy Nate Robinson #'d 386/999 bv $12
    Bowman Channing Frye bv $5
    Slam Channing Frye bv $3
    Topps '52 Style Gerald Green bv $6
    Topps Chrome Gerald Green bv $10
    Slam Gerald Green bv $5
    Trilogy David Lee #'d 361/999 bv $8
    Trilogy Antoine Wright #'d 198/999 bv $8
    Trilogy Francisco Garcia #'d 534/999 bv $10
    Trilogy Martynas Andriuskevicius #'d 451/999 bv $8
    Trilogy Hakim Warrick #'d 909/999 bv $12
    Topps '52 Style Francisco Garcia bv $4
    Topps '52 Style Julius Hodge bv $4
    Topps '52 Style Brandon Bass bv $3
    Topps Chrome CJ Miles bv $5
    Topps Chrome Julius Hodge bv $6
    Topps Chrome Daniel Ewing bv $6
    Bowman Chrome Andray Blatche bv $5
    Reflections Ersan Ilyasova #'d 487/1499 bv $5
    Bowman Chrome Brandon Bass bv $5
    Sweet Shot Ike Diogu #'d 1599/1599 bv $6
    Bowman Chrome Johan Petro bv $5
    Bowman Chrome Daniel Ewing bv $6
    SPx Earl Barron #'d 286/1499 bv $6
    Reflections Martell Webster #'d 833/1499 bv $5
    Reflections Francisco Garcia #'d 1162/1499 bv $6
    Reflections Lawrence Roberts #'d 924/1499 bv $5
    Reflections Andray Blatche #'d 409/1499 bv $5
    Bowman Ike Diogu bv $3
    Bowman Chrome Robert Whaley bv $5
    Bowman Chrome Lawrence Roberts bv $5
    Bowman Charlie Villanueva bv $5
    Bowman Martell Webster bv $2
    Bowman Chrome Ike Diogu bv $6
    Bowman Chrome Bracey Wright bv $6
    Bowman Bracey Wright bv $3
    Sweet Shot Dijon Thompson #'d 776/1599 bv $6
    Sweet Shot Hakim Warrick #'d 836/1599 bv $8
    Topps Chrome Monta Ellis bv $6
    Topps Chrome Yaroslav Korolev bv $5
    Topps Chrome Sarunas Jasikevicius bv $6
    Reflections Salim Stoudamire #'d 696/1499 bv $6
    Reflections Charlie Villanueva #'d 1384/1499 bv $8
    Topps Chrome Francisco Garcia bv $6
    Topps Chrome Brandon Bass bv $5
    Bowman Chrome Danny Granger bv $6
    Bowman Chrome Luke Schenscher bv $5
    Sweet Shot Johan Petro #'d 496/1599 bv $6
    Sweet Shot Chris Taft #'d 993/1599 bv $6
    Sweet Shot Julius Hodge #'d 438/1599 bv $6
    Reflections Antoine Wright #'d 250/1499 bv $5
    Reflections Monta Ellis #'d 437/1499 bv $6
    Reflections Jarrett Jack #'d 1013/1499 bv $5
    Topps Pristine Monta Ellis bv $6
    Topps Pristine Sarunas Jasikevicius bv $6
    Slam Luther Head bv $2.50
    Bowman Chrome Luther Head bv $10
    Bowman Luther Head bv $5
    Bowman Chrome Travis Diener bv $5
    Reflections Danny Granger #'d 438/1499 bv $8
    Reflections Sarunas Jasikevicius #'d 1235/1499 bv $6
    Topps Chrome Louis Williams bv $5
    Topps Chrome Charlie Villanueva bv $10
    Topps Pristine Julius Hodge bv $6
    Topps Pristine Charlie Villanueva bv $10
    Topps Chrome Hakim Warrick bv $8
    SP Authentic Sharrod Ford #'d 222/999 bv $8
    SP Authentic Linas Kleiza #'d 160/999 bv $8
    Sweet Shot Linas Kleiza #'d 697/1599 bv $6
    Sweet Shot Charlie Villanueva #'d 1506/1599 bv $10
    Sweet Shot Yaroslav Korolev #'d 585/1599 bv $6
    Sweet Shot Will Bynum #'d 1130/1599 bv $6
    Sweet Shot Travis Diener #'d 666/1599 bv $6
    Topps Martell Webster bv $2
    Topps Pristine Francisco Garcia bv $6
    Topps Chrome Carmen Electra bv $4
    Topps Chrome Deron Williams bv $8
    Sweet Shot Rashad McCants #'d 155/499 bv $15
    Reflections Andrew Bogut #'d 969/1499 bv $12
    Topps Andrew Bogut bv $5
    Slam Deron Williams bv $4
    Topps Pristine Andrew Bogut bv $10
    Reflections Sean May #'d 302/1499 bv $5
    Reflections Rashad McCants #'d 1366/1499 bv $8
    Topps Wayne Simien bv $3
    Sweet Shot Wayne Simien #'d 304/1599 bv $6

    2005/06 Parallels/Inserts
    Topps '52 Style Refractor Stephen Jackson #'d 129/299 bv $2+/-
    Bowman Gold Andrew Bynum RC bv $10
    Bowman Gold Monta Ellis RC bv $4
    Topps Chrome Refractor James Singleton RC #'d 761/999 bv $12.50
    Reflections Purple Antoine Wright RC #'d 89/250 bv $6.25
    Reflections Purple Alex Acker RC #'d 224/250 bv $6.25
    Sweet Shot Spectrum Gold Arvydas Macijauskas RC #'d 16/50 bv $15
    Reflections Purple Dijon Thompson RC #'d 44/250 bv $6.25
    Reflections Purple Julius Hodge RC #'d 82/250 bv $7.50
    Reflections Purple Linas Kleiza RC #'d 125/250 bv $6.25
    Topps Chrome Refractor Emeka Okafor #'d 698/999 bv $6
    Reflections Purple Emeka Okafor bv $3.75
    SPx "SPxcitement Rookies" Jarrett Jack #'d 1257/1999 bv $4
    Reflections Purple Tim Duncan bv $4.50
    SPx "SPxcitement Rookies" Marvin Williams #'d 868/1999 bv $8
    SPx "SPxcitement Rookies" Deron Williams #'d 1302/1999 bv $6
    Reflections Green Jameer Nelson #'d 4/25 bv $N.P.D.T.S.
    Reflections Green Andre Iguodala #'d 5/25 bv $N.P.D.T.S.
    Reflections Green Lamar Odom #'d 25/25 bv $N.P.D.T.S.
    Reflections Blue Pau Gasol #'d 1/50 bv $4.50
    Reflections Blue Shaquille O'Neal #'d 11/50 bv $12
    Reflections Green Gilbert Arenas #'d 23/25 bv $N.P.D.T.S.
    Reflections Blue Chauncey Billups #'d 15/50 bv $3
    Reflections Green Morris Peterson #'d 23/25 bv $N.P.D.T.S.
    Reflections Red Dwight Howard #'d 100/100 bv $4

    2005/06 GU/JSY
    Trilogy "The Cutting Edge" Marvin Williams bv $12
    Reflections "Fabric Reflections Dual Blue" Antawn Jamison #'d 4/25 bv $16
    Reflections "Fabric Reflections Red" Antawn Jamison #'d 81/100 bv $8
    Topps Luxury Box "Triple Double 5 Relics" Iverson/Dalembert/Webber/Iguodala/Korver #'d 185/193 bv $25
    Reflections Green Hakim Warrick RC #'d 4/25 bv $N.P.D.T.S.
    Reflections Red Louis Williams RC #'d 97/100 bv $10
    Trilogy "The Cutting Edge" Shawn Marion bv $10
    Reflections "Fabric Reflections Dual Red" Peja Stojakovic #'d 30/50 bv $10
    Reflections "Fabric Reflections Dual Red" Desmond Mason #'d 48/50 bv $10
    Reflections "Fabric Reflections Green" Richard Jefferson #'d 18/25 bv $16
    Reflections "Fabric Reflections" Dirk Nowitzki bv $8
    Reflections "Fabric Reflections" Amare Stoudemire bv $10
    Reflections "Fabric Reflections" Tim Duncan bv $10
    SPx "Winning Materials" Kenyon Martin bv $10
    Topps Pristine Uncommon Relic Martell Webster #'d 382/500 bv $8
    Trilogy "The Cutting Edge" Danny Granger bv $10
    Topps Pristine Uncommon Relic Deron Williams #'d 409/500 bv $12
    Topps Pristine Uncommon Relic Rasheed Wallace #'d 437/500 bv $8
    Reflections "Fabric Reflections" Ben Wallace bv $8
    Reflections "Fabric Reflections" Gary Payton bv $8
    Topps Pristine "Personal Pieces" Rashard Lewis #'d 192/350 bv $8
    Topps Pristine "Personal Pieces" Gary Payton #'d 50/350 bv $8
    Sweet Shot "Sweet Shot Jerseys Gold" Jarrett Jack #'d 65/99 bv $12
    Sweet Shot "Sweet Swatches Gold" Michael Finley #'d 3/99 bv $12
    Sweet Shot "Sweet Shot Jerseys" Nate Robinson #'d 94/125 bv $10
    Sweet Shot "Sweet Swatches" Shawn Marion #'d 70/125 bv $10
    Sweet Shot "Sweet Shot Jerseys Gold" Larry Hughes #'d 9/99 bv $12
    Sweet Shot "Sweet Swatches" Danny Granger #'d 166/250 bv $10
    SPx "Winning Materials Combos" Antoine Walker/Gary Payton bv $10
    SPx "Winning Materials Combos" Dajaun Wagner/Eric Snow bv $10
    SPx "Winning Materials Combos" JR Smith/Jamaal Magloire bv $10
    Reflections "Fabric Reflections" Tracy McGrady bv $10
    Reflections "Fabric Reflections" Paul Pierce bv $8
    Reflections "Fabric Reflections" Dwight Howard bv $8
    SPx "Winning Materials" Gerald Green bv $12
    Reflections "Compare and Contrast" Brad Miller/Eddy Curry #'d 15/100 bv $10
    Reflections "Compare and Contrast" Jermaine O'Neal/Ron Artest #'d 72/100 bv $10
    Reflections "Compare and Contrast" Joe Smith/Toni Kukoc #'d 79/100 bv $12
    Reflections "Compare and Contrast" Earl Boykins/Nene #'d 80/100 bv $10
    Reflections "Compare and Contrast" Wayne Simien/Sean May #'d 67/100 bv $10
    Sweet Shot "Sweet Shot Jerseys" Wayne Simien #'d 11/250 bv $10
    Topps Pristine Uncommon Relic Wayne Simien #'d 3/500 bv $8

    2005/06 Autos
    Trilogy "Signs of Stardom" Lamar Odom bv $12
    Reflections Blue Luther Head RC #'d 29/50 bv $18
    Trilogy "One-Two Combo Clearcut Autos" Richard Hamilton/Chauncey Billups #'d 12/50 bv $75
    Ultimate Collection "Ultimate Signatures" Emeka Okafor bv $20
    Reflections "Signature Reflections Blue" Rashad McCants #'d 27/50 bv $40
    Reflections "Signature Reflections Blue" Chris Kaman #'d 42/50 bv $10
    Trilogy "Signs of Stardom" Linas Kleiza bv $12
    Reflections "Signature Reflections Red" Primoz Brezec #'d 91/100 bv $10
    Reflections "Signature Reflections" Johan Petro bv $10
    SP Authentic "Sensational Sigs" Will Bynum bv $10
    Reflections "Signature Reflections" Luke Jackson bv $10
    Reflections "Signature Reflections Red" Pape Sow #'d 30/100 bv $10
    Reflections Blue Antoine Wright RC #'d 46/50 bv $15
    SP Signature Edition "Authentic Signatures Gold" Shareef Abdur-Rahim #'d 22/25 bv $24
    Reflections "Signature Reflections" Francisco Garcia bv $15
    Reflections "Signature Reflections Blue" Gary Payton #'d 14/15 bv $N.P.D.T.S.
    Topps Pristine "Personal Endorsements Common" Danny Granger #'d 132/215 bv $20
    Bowman "Signs of the Future" Andrew Bynum bv $40
    Trilogy "Auto Focus" Wayne Simien bv $15
    Sweet Shot "Signature Shots" Sean May bv $20

    My wantlist:
    Michael Jordan
    Ben Gordon
    LeBron James RC's
    Dwyane Wade RC's
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    Quote Originally Posted by andy661
    hey i like the mek auto and rip dual chancey auto
    I forgot to mention that I only accept paypal payments. If that's a problem let me know.

    For those 2 I'll do it for $50 dlvd. lmk

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    SP Authentic Deron Williams RC #'d 262/1299 bv $30
    SP Authentic CJ Miles RC #'d 416/1299 bv $15
    SP Authentic Louis Williams RC #'d 441/1299 bv $15

    check my site for those thanks

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    How much for these?

    Reflections Blue Luol Deng #'d 29/50 bv $3
    Reflections Purple Daniel Ewing RC #'d 55/250 bv $7.50
    Reflections "Fabric Reflections Red" Luol Deng #'d 5/100 bv $8
    SPx "Winning Materials Combos" Corey Maggette/Elton Brand bv $10
    SPx "Winning Materials Combos" Dwight Howard/Grant Hill bv $15
    Reflections "Signature Reflections Blue" Corey Maggette #'d 37/50 bv $12
    **Selling Everything But PC......
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    Quote Originally Posted by DWadefan28
    SP Authentic Deron Williams RC #'d 262/1299 bv $30
    SP Authentic CJ Miles RC #'d 416/1299 bv $15
    SP Authentic Louis Williams RC #'d 441/1299 bv $15

    check my site for those thanks
    I didn't see anything I wanted off your site. Were you interested in buying? lmk

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    u didnt c anything off my site? ihave more stuff who do u collect

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    andy661- I like the Gordon's on your site but I am pretty sure you wouldn't want to trade them.

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