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Thread: All cards for sale

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    All cards for sale

    Please check out my site. Jordan and AI are gone. nash is pending.

    please pm me with offers

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    How much are you asking for the lebron and wade.

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    He told me $198 shipped on the Wade...isn't it only bookd $150?

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    Not sure do you know what the lebron is booked at.

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    He said the Lebron is no point to look it up. it bv is $250 though =)

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    pm sent to everyone. And no, Lebron isn't one yet.

    Guys, I am selling for what i paid-maybe a little lower. I am basically shipping for free. The prices i named may be higher than book or more than half, but that is what i paid for them-market price. I am not looking to loose much outside shipping.

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    Lebron is gone. Still have wade pristine!

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