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    carmelo rcs , kg gu, iverson xfractor

    i just added a few cards to my photobucket. the garnett cromographs is 021/500 and the drew gooden is 1/1. not looking for anything imparticular...just hoping to help a carmelo collector out.

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    I could use the Garnett Xfractor and the Garnett Chrome GU, and the Gooden 1/1. PLMK. Thanks!
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    I am interested in Carmelo and other cards: I have a Karl Malone Authentic Jersey with tags still in place. I also have a Ben R. 04 Topps Total, Eli Manning 04 Topps Total #350.


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    I just started a Melo collection. I am interested in any of them. LMK what you need.

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    man i like all ur melos besides the topps rc so lmk a total bv on all the melos u got besides base and hopefully we can work something out

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    Hi Lik555,
    just wanted to say I am very jealous of your 84 Star Jordan Rookie, may I ask where you got it from? and how much? I have would love one too, but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my league right now...
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    royer...ill pass on those...thanks for looking!
    timpatten...i like the tmac ultra rc if its in good shape and the 7 gu from luxury...plmk if we can work something out. a site i can look thru?
    nameant...i like the tmac/ginobili...were you talking about the non refractor version?

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    movel...i got it off of ebay... i forgot exactly what i paid for it, but it was over 1000. i watched a bunch of them sell b4 i finally got the nerve to pull the trigger.

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