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    Anyone Live Near Hartsville Sc.

    Got ripped off from a trader that lives there.


    Sent him these

    05-06 Be A Player
    Ml Martin Lapointe
    Se Steve Sullivan

    02-03 Be A Player Signature Series
    096 Daymond Lankow
    174 Bobby Holik
    187 Stephane Veilleux
    189 Lasse Pirjeta

    2001-02 Be A Player Signature Series
    243 Krys Kolanos

    1998-99 Be A Player
    221 Martin Rucinsky
    204 Mikhail Shtalenkov

    1996-97 Be A Player
    24 Barry Potomski
    35 Ulf Dahle

    Game Used

    05-06 Sp Game Used Authentic Fabrics
    Af-mw Brenden Morrow (green)

    05-06 Ud2 Game Jersey
    J2-ni Rob Niedermayer (green)

    Patrick Lalime-2003-04 Beehive Jt-18 (white)

    Olaf Kolzig 2005-06 Powerplay Specialists #ts-ok (blue)

    Hebert, Guy 01-02 Private Stock Titanium #51 (white)

    Johnson, Brent 03-04 Pacific Invinsible Jerseys #25 (white) 1388/1500

    Gave him a great deal. He was sending me some vintage opc I need plus $2 each. He does not answer e-mails anymore either.

    If you live near there pay him a visit.

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    is that sniperhemm your talking about????

    he said he sent me money for one of my cards (this was like 1 1/2 months ago) and still havent received the money

    was he banned?? he hasnt been around here at all lately
    Collecting: Rookie Year Ovechkin
    1951 Parkhurst PSA/SGC 7 NM Set (21/105 20% complete )

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    just checked his profile and his account is indeed suspended and he has a feedback of -4.

    guess im not getting my money..

    can one of the mods please move this to incomplete trades?

    yes, he was interested in a very large lot off of me as well, i offered 106 jerseys and autos for $198... he said he would do it, but then i never heard back from him on either of our 2 deals

    hope you can maybe get some of your stuff back


    Collecting: Rookie Year Ovechkin
    1951 Parkhurst PSA/SGC 7 NM Set (21/105 20% complete )

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    Yea that's him.
    Ripped off a lot of people.

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