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    Topps Old School - 06 Elite & 06 Classics - WWE Chrome ***MOJO IN 3 BOXES***

    Bought a few boxes today at the shop...Did very well I believe. Check out scans below. The only thing I would definitely trade the Oscar Robertson (SP BV $200) for would be an Emmitt Smith auto. Other than that it has to be an offer that blows me away. Not sure yet on the Staubach dual. Typically I would keep it, but he's not in his Cowboys uniform, so I don't know yet. Let me know if you need anything. I TRADE ONLY!!!!

    05-06 Topps Old Style Darrell Armstrong Jersey
    05-06 Topps Old Style Stephon Marbury Jersey
    05-06 Topps Old Style James Jones Jersey
    05-06 Topps Old Style Maurice Lucas Auto
    *MOJO* 05-06 Topps Old Style Oscar Robertson SP Auto

    *MOJO* WWE Topps Heritage Chrome Chromographs Shawn Michaels

    2006 Donruss Elite Zoning Comission Chad Johnson Jersey
    *MOJO* 2006 Donruss Elite College Ties Dual R. Staubach / Joe Bellino /25

    2006 Donruss Classics Bruce Gradkowski RC/Auto
    2006 Donruss Classics Combos Bob Griese / Len Dawson
    2006 Donruss Classics Saturday Stars Ahman Green Huskers Jersey

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I Could Really use these:
    2001 Ultra Head of the Class Ron Dugans (BLACK HAT) 36/100
    2004 Ultra Platinum 33/66

    I have this:
    2002 Pacific Heads Up Red Roy Williams Serial #'d 26/65 BV $30.00

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