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    HUGE list of GU/AU-Want Brewers, Red Sox, Patriots and Bears

    I seek Brewers. Red Sox, Patriots and Bears. Will consired Chargers and Broncos
    Here is UPDATED list 8/6

    Baseball GU

    05 Classic Clippings Cut of History Eddie Murray jsy (Orioles)
    01 Fleer Tradition Turn Back Greg Maddux jsy (braves)
    05 SP auth honors Mike Schmidt jsy #/130
    05 Leather and Lumber big bang Matt Williams jsy #/250
    05 Leather lumber Big Bang Dave Parker jsy #/250 TRADED
    04 Classic Clippings jsy rack R. Johnson, R. Sexon, B. Webb #/99
    06 Fleer Greats Dave Concepcion bat
    04 Classic Clippings bat rack Baldelli, Huff, Delgado #/175 (green)
    03 Fleer EX behind the numbers S. Sosa jsy
    04 Leather Lumber Orlando Cabrera jsy #/100
    04 Leather Lumber Josh Beckett jsy #/250
    05 MLB Classic Clippings Michael Young jsy
    05 Pritine leading indicators Dave Parker bat TRADED
    05 Leather Lumber naturals Reggie Jackson bat TRADED
    05 Trilogy Frank Howard bat
    05 Sterling M. Teixeira bat
    05 Sterling M. Cabrera jsy
    05 Sterling D. Willis jsy
    04 Studio Game Day:
    Sean Casey
    Shawn Green
    Carlos Delgado
    Bobboy Abreu
    Angel Berroa
    Jason Kendall
    Brian Giles
    Moise Alou
    Alfonso Soriano
    04 Studio spirit of game Mike PIazza jsy #/200
    04 Leaf player collection Frank Thomas jsy (sox)
    04 Fleer Ultra performers Hank Blalock bat
    05 throwback threads Jason Lane jsy/bat #/50
    05 Throwback threads generations Carlton, Glavine, Zito jsy #/50
    05 throwback threads throwback collection Ivan Rodriguez chet prot/jsy #/25 TRADED
    04 Fleer Genuine Classic confrontations Johnson/Bagwell (bagwell jsy) #/400
    05 Skybox jersey graphics Josh Beckett jsy (blue)
    05 Diamond Kings R. Sexon bat/bat #/200 (dbacks)
    05 Origins Sammy Sosa jsy
    05 SPx Yadier Molina jsy #/99
    05 SPxtreme Corey Patterson jsy #/130
    05 Pristine Todd Helton jsy uncommon #/500

    03 Fleer Genuine longball threats S. Green/J. Giambi jsy/jsy
    01 SP piece of action F. McGriff bat (bound for hall)
    01 SP piece of action Ivan Rodrigueq (bound for hall)
    01 SP Piece of action Roberto Alomar (international)
    02 Fleer EX behind the numbers Luis Gonzalez jsy
    02 Upper Deck All Star swatches Juan Gonzalez jsy
    02 Stadium club Born in USA Preston Wilson jsy
    03 Fleer Genuine Bat's incredible Jermaine Dye bat
    01 Private Stock:
    Mo Vaughn jsy
    Dereck Lee bat
    Raul Modesi bat
    Omar Visquel bat
    Albert Belle bat
    Ken Caminiti bat
    Joe Randa bat
    Alex Cora bat
    04 Skybox LE Gold Proof Josh Beckett jsy
    04 Fleer MLB Hot Materials Joe Mauer jsy #/325
    04 Inscribed Chipper Jones award winners (blue)
    05 Fleer Ultra Dontrelle Willis jsy(season crowns)
    05 SPx Juan Rivera jsy #/199
    01 Upper Deck Coooperstown collection Gary Carter bat
    03 Upper Deck National Pride Kyle Sleeth jsy (USA) TRADED
    04 Hot Numbers Troy Glaus jsy#/250
    03 UD Authentic star quality Shawn Green #/350
    03 Topps Gallery originals Moises Alou bat
    05 Fleer Ultra follow the leader Sammy Sosa jsy patch
    01 Studio Diamond Collection Kevin Brown jsy
    00 Upper Deck Piece of the Game Andruw Jones bat
    04 Flair diamond cuts Chipper Jones jsy (red) TRADED
    02 Fleer Platinum clubhouse collection Adrian Beltre jsy
    05 Fleer tradition Mike PIazza bat
    04 Flair Diamond cust Josh Beckett (blue) jsy
    04 Flari Hot Numbers Barry Larken jsy (green)
    04 Flair Diamond Cust Dontrelle Willis jsy (green)
    04 Upper Deck all-star diamond collection Aaron Hellman future Gems jsy
    02 SP legendary cuts swatches Joe Moragn jsy
    01 Upper Deck centennial anniversy Nolan Ryan jsy (note:card is scuffed on back-value would only be around $5-10)
    01 Fleer Rod Carew jsy patch 3 color


    06 Artifacts Jake Westbrook #/650
    05 Topps Jeff Mathis rc au
    05 Topps retired uncirc Ron Gant au
    Best Ryan Klesko au
    Best Juan Melo au
    Best Jesus Colome au
    Best Anton French au
    Best Jake Westbrook au
    Best Enrique Wilson au
    05 Fleer Kurt Suzuki au
    04 Fleer Greats Monty Marion au
    05 Sp Auth Bobby Crosby au #/350
    05 SPx Brad Halsey au #/350
    05 SPx Jason Dubois au #/350
    05 Throwback threads Dave Gassner au #/1000
    05 Grand old Gamers Ivan Rodriquez jsy
    05 Grand old Gamers Albert Pujols jsy
    03 Leaf 2nd edition Edwin Almonte au
    04 Studio Kevin Cave au #/200
    04 Studio Mariano Gomez au #/800
    04 Studio Lincoln Holdzkom au #800
    04 Studio fans of game Adam Mesh
    05 Sterling:
    Humberto Sanchez TRADED
    Cliff Pennington
    Matt Green
    Steven White
    Stering duel jsy/au:
    Jeff Niemann TRADED
    Tyler Minges
    Trevor Bell TRADED
    Chaz Roe
    06 Co-Signers duel Wainwrigth/Reyes (TRADED)
    06 Co-Singers solo Jeff Mathis TRADED
    05 Leather lumber leather cuts Migeul Negro au TRADED
    05 Leather lumber Leather cuts jsy/au Tommy Johns #/128
    05 Fleer David Wright au (sweet) (TRADED)


    06 Sage Lendale White au (silver) (TRADED)
    06 Sage D.J. Shockley au (silver)
    06 Sage Mike Hass au (gold)
    05 SP Auth rookie auth Corey Webster
    05 SP Auth rookie auth Kay-jay Harris
    05 SP Auth Drew Bennett
    05 Bowman best Roydell Williams
    05 Bowman Best Gino Guidugli
    98 Collectors Edge R. Holcombe rookie ink
    04 Fleer sweet sigs Keary Colbert #/175 TRADED
    04 Fleer Sweet Sigs Chris Brown #/86
    01 Crown Royale Sage Rosenfels #/500
    01 Dynagon Jamar Fletcher rookie au #/699
    03 SP auth sign of time Bryant Johnson #/475
    03 SPx rookies Seneca Wallace JSY/AU #/1100
    05 Topps Justin Fargas au
    03 SP auth Brett Engemann #/1200
    03 SP auth Billy McMullen #/1200
    2001 Titanium Michael Bennet rookie #/75
    05 Pressproof SE Vernand Morency jsy
    01 Fleer Goal line gear D. McNabb hat
    01 Fleer Goal line gear M. Faulk jsy
    06 Ultra stars Trent Green jsy
    03 Fleer seal of approval snapshot Taylor Jacobs jsy
    01 Titanium Mcnair/Batch jsy/jsy
    01 Titanium M. Tuiasosopo #/158 jsy
    01 Titanium David Boston/jimmy smith jsy/jsy
    01 Titanium Dez White/Sylvester morris jsy/jsy
    01 Titanium M. Tuisaosopo/Sage Rosenfels jsy/ksy
    01 Titanium Quincy Morgan season edition jsy
    04 Upper Deck HG finite fabrics Mark Brunell jsy
    04 Press pass SE Jared Lorenzen jsy #/700
    Platinum Julius Peppers Alma materials jsy TRADED
    04 Fleer tradition L. Fitzgerald rookie throwback threads jsy
    05Topps rookie throw back Ronnie Brown jsy
    04 Foundations Steven Jackson rookie jsy
    06 Fleer ultra Kendrell Bell jsy
    04 Upper deck HG Lee Evans rookie fabrics
    01 Fleer 1,000 yards Barry Sanders/Randy Moss jsy/jsy
    96 collectors edge ricky watters gu ball
    05 Bowman best dbl coverage Ciatrick Fason/JJ Arrington jsy/jsy #/50 TRADED
    05 Bowman best Carlos Rogers jsy #/599
    05 Pristine uncommon P. Kerney Pro bowl jsy #/500
    03 SP Auth Tyrone Calico jsy
    03 SP Auth dbl jsy P. Manning/Dallas Clark jsy/lsy #/345 (TRADED)
    03 SP Auth dbl jsy Steve McNair/Tyrone Calico #/345
    03 SP auth dbl jsy C. Pennington/S.Moss #/345
    03 SP auth Jerry Rice
    01 UD Graded Chris Chandler jsy (blue)
    04 Pristine JP Losman jsy
    05 SPx Swatch supremacy:
    Reggie Brown (rookie)
    Brian Dawkins
    Ken Stabler
    Donovan McNabb


    05 Topps Gold Xfractors #/399:
    Jerome Collins
    Marion Barber
    Demarcus Ware
    Alex Smith

    05 Pristine V. Jackson (Chargers) uncirc base #/750

    05 Pristine Vlad Guerrero (angels) #/375

    NEW Additions to the list:
    2005 National Past time Grand Old Gamers Ivan Rodriguez jsy
    2001 SPX Erick Almonte jsy
    06 Artifacts Jim Edmonds jsy #250
    06 Artifacts Ben Broussard jsy gold#/150
    06 Artifacts Mag Ordonez jsy #325
    05 Absolute Tools of Trade Mag Ordonez Bat/shoe

    2006 SAGE Jason Avant (RED)
    2001 Titanium Michael Bennet jsy rookie #/75

    02-03 Fleer wave of future Caron Butler jsy
    00-01 Fleer Ex Dirk Nowitzki

    Please LMK what you have/want. If I don't reply to thread drop me a PM.
    Also, please don't upsell your cards because some clown on Ebay paid too much.
    Thanks for looking
    forgot: please don't ask if I am buying lots or if I will trade a GU/Au for base or insert. Thanks
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    Anyone interested before I go to the local shows and do some trading?

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    I like the David Wright Auto depending on its BV and what youre looking for in return. Thanks

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    i need the 05 sterling humberto sanchez auto for my tigers collection. i have a 2001 playoff contenders kellen winslow sr auto (chargers). bv is 40, and if interested, i'm pretty sure i can find something else to go with the sanchez. plmk. thanks


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    Always looking for vintage stars/semistars/rookies in all sports.

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    Have these:
    2004 Fleer Authentix Manny Ramirez BV $10
    2004 ToppsSeriesSeats Robin Yount MILWAUKE COUNTY SEAT BV $40

    I like:
    06 Sage Lendale White au (silver) BV $?
    06 Co-Signers duel Wainwrigth/Reyes BV $15
    06 Co-Singers solo Jeff Mathis BV $10

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    i have a brad nelson bc gold rc ref psa 9 bv 80 i like these
    05 Sterling:
    Humberto Sanchez
    Stering duel jsy/au:
    Jeff Niemann
    Trevor Bell

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    i can use these 3 below, lmk if you can use anything, thanks

    04 Inscribed Chipper Jones award winners (blue)
    00 Upper Deck Piece of the Game Andruw Jones bat
    04 Flair diamond cuts Chipper Jones jsy (red)

    01 pacific impressions triple jersey Matthews/Mcnown/Miller (bears)
    02 t. pristine portions jersey Brian Griese (broncos)
    03 leaf rc & stars face masks -7 kliff kingsbury 347/350 (patriots)
    03 t. pristine rc premiere jersey Kliff Kingsbury (patriots)
    04 leaf rc&stars longevity jersey 299/299 ben watson (patriots)
    04 spx rookie supremacy jersey Bernard Berrian (bears)

    AUTO michael coleman 98 don signature
    AUTO andy morrles 02 topps signature moves
    AUTO abe alvarez 05 ud pro sigs
    AUTO colter bean 05 don classic -205 659/1200
    juan diaz 02 leaf cert jersey-168 384/500
    garciaparra 01 topps reserve jersey
    garciaparra 04 f. plat plat portraits jersey
    garciaparra 04 topps clubhouse bat
    martinez 02 f. maximum americas game jersey
    martinez 02 ud dc jersey -251 251/775
    ramirez 01 f. authority diamon cuts bat
    TRADING FOR (1) GREG MADDUX (2) HOF GU/AUTOS (3) 2006-2015 A&G RELICS (4) 2008 UD HEROES #D

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    05 Fleer David Wright au (sweet) like this have this

    2004 Leaf Limited Monikers Auto Paul Molitor 63/100


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    Quote Originally Posted by gbarber21
    I like the David Wright Auto depending on its BV and what youre looking for in return. Thanks
    Wright is gone. Sorry

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