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    Updated Photobucket Looking to Trade or Sell...All stars...

    Looking to make some trades or sell. Everything is pictured on my photobucket.

    There are some nice cards...all gu, au or rc of players like:

    Vick, Roy Williams (s), Pac Man, Chad Johnson, Moss, Horn, Michael Irvin GU, Shaub, Peppers, Terrance Newman, etc.

    If you cannot tell exactly what a card is, please let me know.



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    hey, please check my site or lmk how much for the gannon jsy, thanks.
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    There are 2 Gannon Jersey's on my bucket:

    2003 Finest Xfractors 112 Rich Gannon $20.00
    2003 Fleer Avant Materials Blue 9 Rich Gannon $10.00

    Do you need them both?

    If so I would sell them $10 Dlvd or I like the Stallworth and Josh Reed Jersey's.

    PLMK what you want to do.



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    hey, i might do this if the bv's work out:

    You get:
    Donte Stallworth JSY BV:20
    Josh Reed JSY BV:15

    I get:
    Rich Gannon (Finest) JSY BV:20
    Julius Peppers JSY BV:?

    plmk the bv on the peppers, thanks.
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    DMCNABB1999: I have had a tough time figuring the bv on the peppers...the lettering on the back of the card is SG-JP which comes up on Beckett OPG as NA and is considered a Showcase Grace Masterpiece parallel. The card however is numbered 095/100 which reflects the base Showcase Grace with a BV of $12.

    Anyway I would still do the trade for the:

    Donte Stallworth JSY BV:20
    Josh Reed JSY BV:15

    Please let me know if you want to do this.



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    hey, yea i'd do that, plmk if you or i should post the trade, thanks.
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    DMCNABB1999: I will post, please confirm and I will mail on Monday.

    hockeydad2: I did not see anything for the Vicks. PLMK if you have anything else not on your site.



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