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    trading cards and PS2 games for auto mini helmets and playoff plaques

    im looking to trade my cards and PS2 games for autographed memorbilia..preferbly auto mini helmets, playoff absolute 8x10 plaques & glass plaques, or any other card company memorbilia.

    all sports tradelist are in sig and i can post my PS2 games if interested.

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    I have a Terrence Newman Signed Dallas Cowboys mini Helmet
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    Yu Darvish, TEXAS RANGERSand Dallas Cowboys

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    If you still want my Auto mini bat w/ COA please let me know, so we can swing something.

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    Did you get my pm?

    How many games will you give me for the Girardi Auto?


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    i have a ashley lelie mini helmet auto on univ. of hawaii helmet w/ coa lmk thanks

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