I want to trade these Basketball cards for Game used, Autographs, Rookies or low serial numbered ( xxx/100 or lower) cards of Packers, Lions or Vikings. (Brett Favre cards preferred).

1997 Wheels Rookie Thunder Double Trouble DT5 T.Duncan/T.Battie $10.00

1999-00 Finest Future's Finest Refractors FF6 Wally Szczerbiak #'ed 137 / 150 $20.00

1999-00 Finest New Millennium Refractors NM9 Jonathan Bender #'ed 35 / 300$12.00

2001-02 Stadium Club Stroke of Genius SGGR Glenn Robinson $15.00

2001-02 Upper Deck Honor Roll Fab Floor Triples 4 G. Robnsn/R. Allen/T. Thomas $30.00

2002-03 Topps Ten 145 Amare Stoudemire R.C. $15.00

Thank you for looking,