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  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    very nice sp man....congrats!! im sure you have been looking for that on for a while!!

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    Holy crap, I am so jealous. (I am not even that big of a Vick fan, but I am in awe).

    What do you do for a living Vick? Because whatever it is, I must change my profession so I can afford stuff like that!!


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    Lol, to be honest. Im only 17 and my parents don't buy anything for me like that(there not rich). Ive just been collecting for a while and I had a job this ast school year for about half the year b4 left town for the summer and spent all that $$$ on cards. I also make alot of money playin poker. I just trade for vick stuff and get cards wait till there hot then sell them. Finally got my Vick spa- never thought Id get it. Thanks for all the comments so far...keep em coming!!

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    Very cool stuff. Gonna try and change that Bush auto helmet into a Vick one (along with a ball and some other goodies)?

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    I hate Vick ....but that first Vick card is sweet and that Farve card is pretty cool also much all that stuff cost you ?

    {edit} My 100th post :)

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    trampus- Nope, already have a vick helmet(mini & full size) + a VT jersey and Atl jersey

    Vick SPA I traded for + $50, Graded auto was $90, 2/5 $150, topps debut $80, bush helmet $200, 10/10 $65, favre 23x29 $100, vick atl jersey $160, vick VT jersey $110,

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