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Thread: Just starting out...

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    Just starting out...

    and I am looking for advice. I posted this in the Hockey Talk forum, I thought I'd post it here as well, as I would be interested in trading if anyone finds something they like.

    I picked up some cards at a yard sale. Massive box. I'm just getting into the collecting - mostly for a hobby.

    Most of the cards were early to mid 1990's. Some of the things in the box included:

    Score 1990 Factory Set Unopened
    Score 1990 Factory Set Opened
    O Pee Chee 91/92 Factory Set Unopened
    O Pee Chee 91/92 Factory Set Opened
    O Pee Chee 90/91 Factory Set Opened
    OPC Premier 1991 - 2 Complete Sets
    OPC Premier 1992 - 2 Complete Sets
    Upper Deck 91/92 Euro Stars Complete Set (Molginy, Holik, Jagr, Fedorov, Sundin and Hasek are the key cards)
    Score 1991 Draft Picks - Limited Edtion of 360 000 (includes a Roger "Rocket" Ismail hockey card)
    Score 1990 Young Superstars Complete Set
    Upper Deck Be A Player 94/95 Complete Set
    Pro Set 91/91 Complet I and II
    Some sets that are nearly complete include:

    90/91 Upper Deck
    91/92 Upper Deck
    92/93 Upper Deck

    There are also hundreds of loose cards, mostly Upper Deck and Score from the mid 1990's as well as some Pacifics, Parkhurst and maybe 100 Mc Donalds

    Some key (maybe) loose cards include:

    93/94 UD SP4 - Teemu Selanne Record Breaking Rookie Season - There are 4 of these.
    Score Bobby Orr Stanley Cup Hero 1991
    O Pee Chee 87/88 #123 Adam Oates
    95/96 UD Freeze Frame F2 - Gretzky
    Bunch of late 70's O Pee Chee

    What I want to know is what kind of value does any of this stuff have?
    Is it a decent package to start a collection
    What brands am I better of buying?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will also post this in the Hockey card trading forum if anyhting is of interest to anyone.


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    I like the oates rc and the 91 Orr let me know what you need. My list is under my name

    view my trade list

    <-------- Here ...Check it out and let me know.


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