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    06 Topps Series 2 Alay Soler *SP* RC1 FT!!!

    Pulled this the other night when I pulled the Oscar Robertson auto ($200) and the Staubach Auto ($200)...I didn't even realize what this card was til I started doing some research and noticed how rare it was and Ebay sales were between $85 and $100...some over that even.

    Anyway, it's available. Let me know what you are offering!


  2. Kronozio
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    Lmk what your looking for, this guy is one of my new favorite Mets but theres no way that card can be worth that much.

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    wow, i know this may sound weird, but with all the hype of the alex gordon could this just be a ploy by topps to get even more publicity by adding a card late, idk

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    It probably is. lol

    And also probably a good time for me to get it up on the Bay. The funny thing is that I had it set aside in a pile of commons I was going through earlier. Didn't even realize it was different until I looked at the number on the back and then checked ebay.

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    ATRAIN- I have it on the table being offered for a 16x20 Nolan Ryan Steiner Auto at the moment...If that falls through, you are next. :)

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    ATRAIN- I was looking at ebay, and selling prices for the helmet look to be a right around or a little higher than the Soler...Let me know what we could do.

    EDIT: I realized that was for Doomsday 1

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    well i have 220 cash into for the helmet and 7 autos so id need more for it what else ya got

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