Application for an Other Sports SuperCollector: Tennis Badge

Thank you for your interest in becoming a SuperCollector!

Here are a list of guidelines and questions that you must answer in order to be considered to be a super collector for the sport of tennis.

Each member can only have one Super Collector badge within the Other Sports section.


SCF Username:

Super Collector Sport:

Things to include in your submission:

Include number of cards owned (do not count multiple copies of the same card):

Base =
◦ Rookie Cards =
◦ Autographs =
◦ Memorabilia =
◦ Inserts =
◦ 1/1s =
◦ Oddball/Unlisted =

A link to photos of your collection (this is required for verification purposes):

Miscellaneous items and memorabilia (i.e. Jerseys, Event Used, Etc.):

Any other statistics and information you may have about your collection:

In addition to the numbers there is a written portion of the application:

Why you think you are a Super Collector?

Why did you start collecting this player?

Please consider your input into these sections. The answers to these questions do receive consideration on applications and do affect the decision-making process.

Some rules and guidelines:

Your collection should have 400 total cards that feature golfers, including base cards. This is not a hard-set requirement, but a loose framework for you to assess your collection for a reference.

◦ Meeting all requirements does not necessarily guarantee you Super Collector status, as all applications are considered by the Other Sports Team as a whole before being approved.

◦ Be sure to put considerable effort into the written portion of the application - show us your passion for collecting this player!

◦ You must be a member in good standing.

◦ You must be an active member in the SCF Community.

Collection Guidelines
These are not hard-set requirements, but figure this as a loose framework.

A complete and well-rounded collection featuring strong percentages of each type of card: Auto, RC, Memorabilia

We realize that some player have a larger number of 1/1s - having only a small number of 1/1's in your collection will not hinder your application. We consider the non-1/1 portions first, and look at the 1/1s as a booster.

Odd Ball Items:

Obviously a complete collection generally has many aspects to it, please let us know any memorabilia you may have, or any other relevant items (glasses, key chains, etc). This is not a requirement, but would certainly boost the chances of obtaining the badge.

Aftermath to Applying:

Ultimately, the Other Sports Team will be looking at each submission on a case-by-case basis.

If you are accepted, you must remain active on the site to keep the badge.

If you are declined for an Other Sports Super Collector badge, you can re-apply in 30 days. Take a month to improve your collection and improve your visibility on SCF!