Hey crew,

A buddy recommended a sports betting site to me and I gave it a go because you get $20 bonus bucks just by signing up. Anyway after a couple of bets I decided to cash out $26 bucks. Cashing out was easy because there's no personal information needed, just my address so they can mail a check. Now I'm super skeptical about this stuff, so I had a feeling nothing was going to come in so I just saw it as something fun to do. I cashed out on in May and a freaking check actually came in the mail like 5 days later. http://i.imgur.com/FtMWFJy.jpg

So the damn thing is actually legit! I have about 30 still on the site, and haven't had to put a penny in.
Here's a link if anyone wants to try it - > https://www.tradesports.com?referrer=randomh&rsrc=link
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Has anyone else been doing this?