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Thread: need these players

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    need these players

    aikman, emmit smith, marino, dbrick ferguson, shockley, ronnie brown, dolphins, patriots, some steelers, big ben please lmk if u have any thanks nate

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    2004 bowmens best p.k. sam auto 2004 chris perry rc jersey sn/1299
    2003 absolute bethel johnson 2 color ball/jersey sn/750
    have these lmk if you need them thanks
    do you have a trade list

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    uhhh haven't you been banned already under the username ndrulez0212

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    yes i know but i couldnt resist coming back on i really love this site and it said multiple accounts what does that mean please let me stay on if i do anything bad you can boot me rite away please

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    well you have already been banned so i am sure one of the mods will realize this pretty quickly and ban you can't keep coming back once you have been BANNED....that would pretty much defeat the purpose of banning to keep unwanted people away from the site

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    yeah but what does it mean that i have multiple accoutns because my brother had his friends over some times and they alway went on our computer with there name and we had so many thats y i was banned and now i will be the only one on pon my computer because we moved so can u please treell them not to banned me again pleas???

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    you have ALREADY been BANNED...just b/c you have moved doesn't mean you can create another account...once you are banned you are ALWAYS banned

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