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    Need some money so im selling these cards

    Jim Gott Autograph
    Darrell May Autograph
    Johnny Damon Authentic Game Used Bat Card #'d to 500
    Kirk Hinrich Rookie Card
    Brett Favre Rookie Card...... bv is $15.00
    Andres Nocioni Rookie Card #'d to 1999...... bv is $8.00
    Ben Gordon Game Used Jersey Card #'d to 500
    Donovan McNabb Rookie Card #'d to 2999
    Paul Konerko Rookie is $15.00
    Gary Sheffield Game Used Jersey Card #'d to 250
    Curt Schilling Rookie Card
    Randy Johnson Rookie Card Fleer updated
    Randy Johnson Rookie Card Topps
    Paul Konerko Game used Jersey Card
    Curt Schiolling GAme used Jersey Card #'d to 250
    Manny Ramirez Rookie is $3.00
    Mike Miller Autograph
    Jay Howell Autopgraph
    Shane Battier Autograph
    Andre Daweson Autograph
    Jim McMahon Autograph
    John Lynch Autograph
    Brad Lidge Autograph
    Mike Camron Autograph
    Chad Cordero/ Nick Johnson Autograph card certified #'d to 35.......found the bv of this card it is $25.00
    Eric Bruntlett SS on a ball

    PM me with questions if you have any

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    i dont know what do you offer? it books at 25

    johnson... which one?

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    actually i dont have any money so maybe some other time

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    Gary Sheffield Game Used Jersey Card #'d to 250 what do you need for this

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    mike- how about 8 dollars?

    rwb- its 1999 fleer mystique

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