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Thread: A bunch of RC's for CC

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    A bunch of RC's for CC

    I've got:

    Press Pass 2003:
    Larry Johnson Paydirt Insert
    Terrell Suggs Big Numbers Insert
    Jerome McDougal Big Numbers Insert
    Dave Ragone Big Numbers Insert
    Onterrio Smith (2)
    Jordan Gross (2)
    Earnest Graham
    Kwame Harris (2)
    Carson Palmer Checklist
    Brandon Lloyd Big Numbers Insert
    Boss Bailey
    Teyo Johnson
    Mike Doss (2)
    Onterrio Smith Prime Time Insert
    Kelley Washington Big Numbers Insert

    Topps 2003:
    Onterrio Smith
    Lee Suggs [Are Lee & Terrell related?]
    Andre Woolfolk [GO TITANS! :)]
    Taylor Jacobs
    Musa Smith
    Johnathon Sullivan
    Keenan Howry
    Jason Witten
    Mike Doss

    Fleer Premium 2002:
    Santana Moss Ruby Red Parallel 011/125

    LMK What I can get for these..

    Thanks guys,

    L.J. Smith

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    how much do you want for the brandon lloyd and kwame harris?

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    Hot Sauce - Books @ $20 I believe.

    Xzibit - I'm new to this whole Card Cash system, so I'm not sure. I was hoping some people would make fair offers.

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    im new here to but i just got a julis peppers for 10 CC. so how about 10 cc each for the lloyd and harris cards?

    total of 20 CC?

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    Well -

    I heard that it's 80-110 CC for each $1. I'm not sure what the Press Pass cards book for, and I doubt they are even listed. I'm positive it's at least 50 cents for the Big Numbers Lloyd and 25 cents for the Kwame Harris.

    I still have to figure things out, I'll LYK.

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    Alright, you got it. 20CC for the both of them. Please PM me your address.

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    i just sent the CCs and PMed you my address

    thanks for helping me add to my 49er collection!

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