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    Anyone interested in these RC autos/game used

    I have some Rookie game used autos that i am interested in trading for the right cards. Take a look. I am interested in Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, KG, Yao Ming, and MElo. Looking mainly for Lebron and KG, or D-Wade. Will be willing to trade ever how many of these to get what I want. Cards are in great condition, take a look. Thanks. here is what is in the pic

    Travis Outlaw UD PROSPECTS rookie auto
    Bowman Signature CHRIS DUHAN auto/jersey
    Jason Richardson/Mikael Pietrus dual auto
    Monta Ellis rookie graffitie AUTO
    Andris Biendris Bowman signature AUTO
    Anderson Varejoao AUTO/JERSEY
    SP Authentic Authentic Signatures MOnta Ellis
    Josh Childress "Signs of Stardom" auto


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    i like the Chris Duhon and Monta Ellis...have a couple of LeBron rookies, not much of the other guys u collect..

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    Check my tradelist on the left hand side of the screen under my username for the Monta...

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    I'm interested in both of your montas and the dual richardson

    what can I get with these
    2003-04 Topps Jersey Edition KG big JSY
    2004-05 Sp Game-used KG JSY
    2003-04 Dwyane Wade Rookie Exclusives rc
    2003-04 Carmelo Anthony MVP rc
    2005-06 ESPN Yao MING jsy Swatch

    check my site if u see something else

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstatefan17
    Which monta ellis are you interested in?
    Both.... I'm more interested in the Graphiti.....

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