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    CV on Ellsbury Sterling Black Refractor and BCDP Blue Refractor along with who you collect? Thanks

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    You got a ton of really nice stuff. I like the Matt Kemp autos, Greg Miller auto, Delwyn Young RC, Jeremy Reed RC, and Andrew Walter autos.

    Check my site and LMK if you see anything

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    I like the Kyle Kendricks, the Gio Auto and the Gavin Floyd Auto....

    Would you be interested in any Scott Mathieson?

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    I like the Steve Drew 05 UD Update Auto. I doubt that I have anything that you would trade for, but if you will check my trade list to see. If nothing there, I am going to the National in Anaheim in a couple of days, I could look to see if I can pick up something that you would trade for! PLMK - Thanks, Dave........

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    I really like the Loney USA Auto and the Stephen Drew Sterling REF. Check out my list. Thanks. Michael

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