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    Trading my PS2 Game "HEAD COACH"

    Got this game but haven't had much time to play ps2 lately..Played it like twice and it really is a amazing game..You can do literally ANYTHING a coach can do in real life and it has all the small details. Bought it for 40, been played twice..Perfect shape..booklets and even the 10 dollar fantasy football gift code comes with it. Looking for a card of around the 30-40 sell value range for this game..Very sweet game just don't have the time to play it much..Let me know guys! List cards you could offer, prefer to only trade for 1-2 cards..please dont say CHECK MY LIST..Thanks and let me know.

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    You're not the first person to try and get rid of this game on a tradesite, believe it or not.

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    I might be interested but don't want to giev a $30 card for it..

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