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    Once Again, More Problems With UD....

    Well, I was getting Fed up. Box after box not yielding correct amount of hits, "Non replaceable" cards that were damaged, anything in your imagination.

    Well, I had a redemption. It was from 03-04 (Pierce / Hunter Dual Auto) which I redeemed. So the day of entering, it said it was being shipped next day.

    So after 2 weeks, nothing is here, so I went to there site. All of a sudden, it went from the shipped page, back to the regular redemption page? So idk whats going on there.

    2nd. I sent in a Crosby RC Jersey to be replaced (Damaged), and I talk to the guy I normally do, and he says "I never recieved a Crosby, I didnt even know you were sending one!". Well, I have the Emails, I have the DC Slip, yet he still says to me, he never got it. He says we never even spoke about it.

    I have the Emails, I have the DC code (says delivered over a month ago), and still, he doesnt agree.

    Im at a loss of words guys, I dont know what to do.

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    stop buying ud products, period. i know they have a lot of the golden eggs, but if you want to get good ud cards, i would buy them individually

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    Rob - Whose with me?!?! Lol. We start the siege at dawn!

    Beans - Its tough though. I mean, as I said earlier, its hard to deter from a company that literally has become a Monopoly. As another guy said, its the Microsoft of cards. Theres just not much to choose from elsewhere.

    Id estimate 75-80% of Packs and Boxes I see at stores are UD Products, and what isnt, is the lower end Junk, like regular Topps.

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    Yeah, I would just quit buying their products.

    I still have 2 Mike Williams SPx Auto Redemption Rookies. I sent them back in September of last year. No update or anything.

    I just hope that I get them while they are still worth something. The thing that is unique about his card is that it is actual GAME WORN ROOKIE JERSEY.

    But I am hearing that he isn't doing too well in Training Camp with the Lions, so I would probably not be able to get anything for it if he happens to get released or something. (what happened to the skill he had at USC??)

    Sorry about all that crap Alex. I am kinda going through the same thing with DLP.


    Upper Deck does offer a few NICE HITS, but think of all the NON NICE HITS that there are just to compensate the 1 Nice Hit??

    I know in 16 years of buying UD products I have NEVER pulled a Jordan Auto. I pulled a Mickey Mantle GU and 2 Marino Autos (from the same box) but that is about the best I have done.

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    Its tough? Why is it tough? You don't have to bust upper deck wax, and the only way that company is ever going to get any message is 1) Doing what your doing, and complaining about their terible customer service, and 2) stop buying wax, one person at a time, and they will eventually make less money. Topps put out co-signers this year and triple threads, which is hardly junk in baseball, and in football, donruss/playoff is still around and alive. for hockey, i would let other people bust the boxes and just buy the singles you want, thereby eliminating the need to deal with UD customer service and their redemption process...

    its just takes discipline.

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    Donruss Usually is Very good. And, if UD Cant fulfill redemptions, they give you junk. Donruss gives good replacements.

    One guy from Beckett had a redemption at Topps for a Kevin Jones Auto rc /10 I believe, which they couldnt get. Topps gave him a Favre auto, a Sanders / Emmit dual auto, and I believe an Elway Auto, to replace that. THAT is what I call customer service.

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    Well, UD has the more affordable products, that can yield nice cards. I dont like dropping money on higher end Topps (Triple Threads, Cosigners) because alot of it just wont make you money back. Nice stuff, just not that valueable.

    The new Topps Allen and Ginter, does look nice though.

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    The reason I don't like Topps, is because back in 2001 I was a BIG collector of Allen Iverson. I was only about 17 years old so GU/Autos were not very easy to obtain but I had almost ALL of his Base/Inserts and stuff like that.

    I spent around $90 on an Allen Iverson Topps Heritage Auto (Redemption). I sent it in and actually forgot about it. I received a large package in the mail about a year or so later.

    I got a 2001 MVP Insert Set (most cards were damaged), I got a Topps Loren Woods Auto, Brendan Haywood Auto, and some other no name.

    That stuff sure wasn't comparable to the Iverson.

    Plus I pulled a Pujols Topps Traded RC (it was chrome/foil) but the edge of the foil was pulled back on one side. I sent it in and never heard anything back. Oh well.....

    Now with DLP, I have 2 Damaged cards. (Fitzgerald Patch, and a Miguel Cabrera Bat). Both cards have creases in the corners of the square Cutout for the GU. I have emailed DLP, and two weeks have passed and I have no response. I sent them scans of the Randy Moss Patch card I have, so they can tell me if it is real. No Response!!!

    Hopefully they do respond some day.


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    seriouly Alex, just what greenbeans said, stop buying their crappy product. They are garbage and more n more people are starting to realize it, if that doesnt work,

    I say we get drunk, watch "Fight Club" and then take action~

    Rob H

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