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Thread: 3 box 2014 Exquisite break

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    3 box 2014 Exquisite break

    I don't usually do football but when I do it is high end at an extreme discount. LCS had a case price I couldn't pass up so I decided to bust a 3 box case of Exquisite.

    I think I did alright


    Base RC's

    RC Auto's

    UD Black Auto's

    Other Hits

    Top 4 Hits

    Tomlinson 10/10

    Derek Carr 2CLR RPA /75

    How do you get better than the last one?

    How about a 3 CLR version? :)

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    Ronde and Tiki autos. Pretty cool, lots of nice retired autos from that break.
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    Nice rip.

    I can use both or either of the Barber Brother's.

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    Nice looking break, not a big fan of college cards, but those are pretty sharp!

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    Cool cards, would love a shot at the Ahman Green
    In College, but still trying to make some trades here and there.
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