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Thread: Ball is Back In My Court

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    Ball is Back In My Court

    So a couple years ago I had an extra Sign of the Times auto which included Ryan Kesler on it. I sent it to Eddie aka 87Sluggo and said for him to Pay it Forward to someone else as I didn't need anything from him. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago I noticed that he had shown off a SOTT Canucks Quad and then was purchasing some cards from another Kesler collector. I mentioned that I would buy the second copy of the card off him as I have been collecting as many of the SOTT as I can. But OOOOOOOOHHHHHH no he had to send it to me free of charge and now I have the Pay it Forward responsibility! What a guy!!!!! Thanks Ed I really appreciate it again!
    Here is the card that he sent me!

    If anyone is interested in the SOTT's I have from this set so far, here is the link!

    Thanks for the addition Ed and thanks for looking!
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    FINALLY, I can stop being nice to people :)

    I can't believe you have 8 photobucket pages of nothing but SOTT's...............
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    Gotta love it when fellow collectors pay it forward :) Excellent Quad auto, and your SOTT PC is something else. Always loved the sets. Crisp, clean design with on-card autos. doesn't get any better than that!

    Well done!
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    Awesome...Ed is a pretty cool dude. Love the pay it forward stories
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