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    WTB: sealed boxes and ideally a case of 1993 sp baseball

    Does anyone have a sealed case of 1993 sp baseball that they would be willing to sell? Just think it will help you in your retirement. I know these aren't cheap and am willing to pay. Please let me know.


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    Hey, I know a guy who has a bunch of old boxes. Is there a list of boxes in addition to the sp? I will be seeing him later this afternoon, so if you could get me a preferred list that would be great.

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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your response. I think my post was a bit confusing. I'm looking for sealed boxes of 1993 sp baseball but would love the thought of a sealed or opened case (as long as the boxes are sealed). A case would like be very expensive and the boxes are also not inexpensive.

    Would also like:
    -sealed boxes of 1998 sp football
    -1998 playoff contenders football sealed boxes.
    -1993 topps finest baseball sealed boxes



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