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    Drew henson Quiting baseball to pursue football

    Henson Article

    Very interesting article.Dropping $17 million to pursue football.I think i would work on my skills more and take the guranteed money.

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    I didn't even know he was getting a guaranteed contract from Yankees.

    If he thinks minor leagues are tough...

    wait until he gets back into football after being away from it for 1-2 years.

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    Would he have much future with the Yankees though?
    Isn't he a first baseman? I could be mistaken. I don't know much about him.
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    I believe he was a third that they acquired Boone, they had no need for he sucked

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    Henson plays 3rd base....

    he's got trouble hitting off-speed unless he improves, all he's getting is that $17M and not much more.

    He's too much of a liability if he can't hit over 0.200

    Steinbrenner won't stand for that

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    Yeah, Henson hasnt been hitting the ball. I saw on sportscenter a couple of week ago the amount of strikeouts, he had, and boy it was a lot. He should of just stuck with football in the first place, he could of had a chance to go before Carr if he stuck with it. Can't wait to see what happens though!

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