hello everyone, im purchasing bulk lots at the following prices:

Autos and Game Used:
- Must be in NFL Jersey and be from a licensed NFL product
- Cards must be mint/near mint (no damaged cards)
2013 and newer: $.50 each
2008-2012: $.25 each
2005-2007: $.15 each

Numbered Cards:
Any card #ed 10 or less - $.50 each
Any card #ed 30 or less - $.25 each
Any card #ed 50 or less - $.20 each
Any card #ed 100 or less - $.15 each
Any other numbered card - $.10 each

seller pays shipping, this is a chance to get rid of a bunch of unwanted stuff nobody wants

just tell me how many you have of each type of card and we can go from there

these are the prices im paying, please dont reply saying you have these for a different price