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Thread: Canada Post shipping question

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    Canada Post shipping question

    I mailed a couple of packages today via registered mail, including one to Alberta with a postal code beginning with T. When I input the tracking number to the Ebay transaction tonight, however, I noticed that they have incorrectly put a Y as the first letter.

    My question is, do I need to contact the post office and/or is there anything they can do at this point? Common sense would dictate that they notice at some point that the postal code on the electronic form doesn't exist and that they should use the one on the envelope, but will that happen? If anyone has had this problem in the past, advice would be appreciated.

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    It shouldn't cause much trouble. Wrong postal code may cause a delay in delivery...but you'd think even Canada Post will figure out a "Y" is supposed to be a "T" pretty quickly.

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    Haven't had any personal experiences like this, however, like other have said, I don't think it will cause huge problems.

    No need to fret! :)
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