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Thread: Is there a way ......

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    Is there a way ......

    To see how many of a certain card is out there? Ifso how do they find this out ?

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    Hmm. Depends. Some cards are Limited, like serial numbered on card, but most arent.

    What in particular were you trying to find?

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    Just wondering if you could find out how many cards out there of like a common card or older card....Is there a site with that kind of information?

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    Im not sure that we could ever figure how many commons are printed. Im never really thought of that. I guess the only way, would in fact be contacting the company.

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    No way of finding out. A lot of times, card companies don't know how many is out there. They use vendors and can only go by the paperwork submitted by the vendors who print up the cards.

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