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    Need a little help/info with Wayne Gretzky MVP Cards

    I have just purchased a large lot of gretzky base cards, and have just found wayne gretzky 1998/99 MVP gretzky base and silver script #52. So I go to add them to my PC in the IM and this card is not there. Search the set and it tells me that card 52 is patrick roy. Go to beckett and they tell me the same thing this time with pics, card 53 is patrick roy. Go to ebay to see if I can get anymore info and find this auction:

    So I have the two gretzky's in hand and there is no doubt they are card #52. I know I haven't stumbled across anything super rare or valuable I assume this is some sort of printing mistake that may make this card 52B. All I want to do is add them to my inventory, any ideas about these cards?

    Bobby Ryan PC
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