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    What do you use for prepping Chrome and glossy cards?

    I currently use baby powder, its all I've ever used. But its getting tiresome and a messy when I have a number of them to do. What do you guys/gals use instead of this? I'm looking for a less messier alternative. Thanks!

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    I use an eraser and haven't had any problems. It's far less messy too.
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    I that is what I'm gonna use on my next batch I prep for a series next week. Anything is easier than baby powder, not to mention the clean up after. Thanks for the tip

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    Make sure it is a white eraser though. The pink ones leave more a blur on the card
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    I use a white eraser, and then rub the card on denim. This has worked for me on all glossy cards.
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    Yea I'm gonna pick a couple of erasers up and use them. They have to work better than the powder does!

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    I had been using pink erasers and normal blue sharpies, and got some pretty poor results. Since switching to white erasers and staedtler permanent lumocolor pens the results have been great. Prepping a chrome card with a white eraser only takes like 5 seconds as well, I was taking forever with pink ones.

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