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    Debating about having a Andrew Luck Ultimate Collecton auto rc Regraded!!!

    I brougt it off ebay and the seller said it was worthy of a regrade. Only .5 away from a 9.5 Two sub 10's, one 9.5 and 8.5 on corners. I have never had a card recarded by the same or any other grading service before. Not sure if it worth the money to have it sent back to BGS for higher grade? I guess if you get a different grader then the last you might... Not sure what the success rate is on regrading cards and having it come back higher?

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    Upper left corner might be the problem....hows the back and also any slight indents anywhere (hard to see those from a 2d scan)

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    it is worth a try but they will not change it because they want to appear 'consistent' in there grades.

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    That is a tough set to get regraded and move up on corners and edges in my experience
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