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    Looking to trade up with my MultiSport Mid-High End, take a look

    Trying to consolidate some of my collection, I am looking to trade up with anywhere from 2 to however many cards. I will trade up slightly in your favor and even more depending on how many cards. I will check buckets, but leave a list of the cards you like so I can have an idea of what to look for. More cards can be found in my bucket but I will leave some scans of the better cards I'm looking to move.
    Players I'm interested in:
    Calvin Johnson
    Felix Hernandez
    James Harden
    Tom Brady
    Ken Griffey Jr.
    Barry Sanders
    Established players BC Autos
    Any other HOF/Star auto that catches my eye

    Donaldson /10
    A Meadows /10
    Longoria /10
    M Franco /10
    Stanton 1/1
    Henderson /25
    Cano /99
    Buxton /99

    Posey /15
    Al Simmons /5
    Leo Durocher /5
    Kang /49
    S Piscotty 10/10
    Felix /75


    Osweiler /25
    More in bucket
    Mid-High End FT by bnickles127 | Photobucket

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    How much for the Piscotty?

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