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    Should I try for a BGS 10 or just go the safe route with a PSA 10?

    I have a couple 2014 auto patch rookie cards that are in excellent condition, seemingly perfect to the naked eye (at least mine). What I have been trying to decide is whether to send them in to BGS and try for a Pristine 10 grade, or if I should just go the safe route and go for a PSA Gem Mint 10?

    After researching Ebay it seems that these particular cards sell for more in PSA 10 than they do in BGS 9.5. Obviously a BGS 10 is the cream of the crop, but if they don't grade BGS 10 and end up getting a 9.5 I would be somewhat disappointed, because in that case I would've rather sent them to PSA.

    Is there any possible way to tell how good of a chance a card has of grading a BGS 10?

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    If you are certain it would grade a PSA 10 and would be disappointed with anything less than a BGS 10 well Id go ahead and send it to PSA because a BGS 10 is not that easy to get..

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    Can you scan the card? A bit tough to make the call without actually seeing it in my opinion.
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